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Mail King USA provides end to end direct mail marketing advertising services. From design to delivery, we make it easy!

Get your mailings out fast. We send millions of pieces of mail out every month with 3 strategic locations across the country to serve you.

Our Most Popular Bulk Mail Marketing Services

Bulk Postcard Mailing Services

Stand out in the mail with large jumbo sized postcards, sent to a list of your best prospects.
Most popular sizes are 4x6, 5.5x8.5 and 6x11 size. Popular mailing lists for bulk postcard mailings are zip code lists, radius mailing lists, targeted consumer lists, business lists, new movers, and client database mailing lists. Postcard mailings generally run 35-65 cents each including the mailing list, postage, and bulk mailing services.

Letter Mailers

Build credibility and make sales sending letters in an envelope or as a snap pack. Letter mailers are done with window and non window envelopes.

Envelope sizes most popular are #10 standard, 6x9, and 9x12 size. Also quite popular as letter mailers are snap pack mailers. These are self mailers, pressure sealed when folded to form their own envelope and are quite popular in the mortgage and insurance industries.

Mailing Lists

Whether you are sending bulk postcards or letter mailers, we can provide you with a targeted mailing list that best meets your needs.

Zip code mailing lists, EDDM lists, targeted consumer lists, voter data, business lists, new movers, and radius mailing lists are some of the most popular. Clients also often use their own in-house list and we just clean it up for them before mailing.

What are people saying about Mail King USA?

Steve did a fantastic job for our mailer. He was great to work with!

— Shelli McVey Rosamond
I used Steve twice. He was excellent. Prompt, quick follow up and very helpful in the design of the mailer.

— Gregg Thompson
I have been working with Mail King USA since 2018. Great services and great prices. I highly recommend Steve and his company to people who need to improve their marketing.

— Kathy Duyen Cao
I've worked with Steve and Mail King USA on a number of projects. No one is more competent in the industry. With Steve's many years of experience, he knows how to help you get the best results with ev...

— Tyson Ziegler
Really great working with Steve and team! Will 100% use again for my future marketing needs!

— Josh Goldstein

Steve at Mail King USA is great to work with, he made everything so turn-key and our Mailer was beautiful!!! We will definitely continue working with him and his team!

— Aurora Bell

    Why Use Bulk Mail Marketing?
    Check Out These Mailer Advertising Statistics!

    Bulk Mailers Have Reach!

    Hundreds of millions of pieces of mail are delivered everyday to more than 141 million homes and businesses in the United States.

    Direct Mailers Get Opened

    91% of prospect direct mail marketing was opened (Ebiquity Rapport 2010) vs 11% open rates for acquisition email (DMA)

    Direct Mailers Create Marketing Synergy

    58% are more likely to click on a search link for a company if they have already received something from them in the mail (Hall & Partners, DM+Search research, 2008)

    Advertising Mailers Influence People

    Each week 51% of consumers make a purchase decision based on special offers received in the mail

    People Love Mailers

    94% of all US households use direct mailers (A.C. Nielsen)

    Bulk Mail Marketing Has Strong ROI

    According to DMA every dollar on direct mail results in $15.48 in sales, on average.

    Bulk Mail Marketing Has Less Competition!

    Hundreds of TV & Radio stations, millions of websites…
    Just ONE mailbox

    Ready to work with the best direct mail service provider?

    Why Choose Mail King USA For Your Bulk Mailing Services?

    Regal Service

    You're building your castle so we believe you should be served like a King.

    Lowest Prices

    We honor a meet-or-beat guarantee so you can always be sure you are getting the best value!

    Best Mailing Data

    We provide the best mailing lists available ensuring maximum deliverability and campaign ROI.

    Highest Quality Printing

    When it’s your image on the line we know quality matters, which is why we cut no corners.
    As a one stop shop we can turn out an entire project, from start to finish, in 48 hours.

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