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Informational Postcard Mailings

Direct mail postcards are the perfect way to communicate important information in a timely manner. Postcards can be design, printed, and shipped quickly all across the country. Whether for business or personal needs, direct mail postcards will help you get the word out to a customer or loved ones.

A full service direct mail company like Mail King USA can handle all aspects of your postcard campaign from design to delivery. In most cases, your mailing can be completed and in the mail in under a week.

Examples of Informational Postcards

  • Birth announcements

  • informational postcard exampleBusiness Grand Openings

  • Business Closings

  • Party Invitations

  • Website Promotion

  • Debt Collections & Late Notices

  • Holiday cards

  • Government Notification Mailings

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Postcard Marketing Considerations

Postcard Design

You may want (and be able to) create your own design by using basic computer software or you may want to have custom postcards designed for you. Designing will take time but save you a couple hundred dollars for a good design.

Postcard Size

There are many postcard sizes. The amount of information on your postcard you may be the biggest factor in your decision on size for a simple informative postcard. Common sizes are 4x6, 5.5x8.5 and 6x11.

Postcard Stock

Standard paper stock for postcard marketing is 100# gloss cover. This is a good and cost effective option. For super basic informational mailings you may even downgrade to a 67# vellum to save a half cent to a penny each. This can really add up if you need to print and mail tens of thousands.

Postcard Layout & Content

The main purpose of an informative postcard is just to notify the recipient of key information. There may or may not be a call to action involved. Often the CTA is simple like driving traffic to a website in response to a message like to RSVP for an event. A call to action may also include a contact phone number. Be sure your call to action stands out and is clear.

Use of photos and images on this type of card is common but unlike other types of cards it is optional. Informational postcards may be filled with all text to be sure to get the message across. Stock photos and images are available if needed for promoting your message.

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