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Need Direct Mail Lists?

direct mailing lists for marketingLooking For A Quality Direct Mailing List?

Mail King offers you the best direct mailing lists for marketing available. Whether it's for direct mail postcard or letter marketing campaign, Mail King has you covered. Your direct mail list will make or break your direct mail marketing campaign.

Poor targeting means a poor list and lots of wasted mail on prospects who are not interested or have no ability to buy what you sell. Proper targeting means you can spend less and get a better response from those you do mail, all of which drives a greater ROI.

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What Type of Direct Mailing List is Right For Your Marketing  Campaign? 

There are many types of marketing mailing lists. Click on a marketing mailing list type below to learn more.

Targeted Consumer Liststargeted direct mailing list provider

Only mail the ones who match your ideal customer profile. Hundreds of filters available such as age, income and home owners.

Zip Code Marketing Mailing Lists

List of all addresses in a given zip code. Great mailing list for marketing a grand opening and when you offering something most people want like food. Available in consumer or business mailing lists.

Saturation Marketing Mailing Listsmailing lists for marketing

List of all addresses by mail carrier route. Similar to zip code mailing lists, this list is a good mailing list for marketing the closest neighborhood routes around a business. You do not need to mail the whole zip code. Consumer list or business list options.

Every Door Direct Mail Marketing Mailing list

Made popular by the USPS. EDDM is a free list at the route level. Use this EDDM Mapping Tool to pick your routes. We print and mail for you! 

Radius Mailing ListRadius mailing list

List of all addresses within a given radius around a central point. This list is a perfect mailing list for marketing the address closest to a center point, whether a home or business. 

New Mover Mailing List

List of all new movers, renters and owners, within a given time frame and georgraphy. This list is a great mailing list for marketing anyone who has moved into the area recently. Most businesses could benefit from this type of direct mail campaign. There is also a list for new homeowner mailing lists for marketing

New Homeowner Mailing List

List of all new homeowners, within a given time frame and georgraphy. This is a great mailing list for marketing folks who are about to improve their homes and setup all household services, medical partners, and establish eating patterns. Do NOT miss these folks!

Business Marketing Mailing Lists (B2B)

Any type of list of businesses. Comes with phone numbers all the time! This list is a great mailing list for marketing your valulable business offerings or business services like drop off drycleaning or take out menus.

Loyalty / Database Mailings List Services

Okay, this one is a bit of a trick becuase it's actually your list not ours, but we will still clean it up for you. This list is your most valuable mailing list for marketing ; - )

political campaign marketing voter mailing listsPolitcal Campaign Voter Mailing Lists

You know who your voters are and we know where to find them. Party, frequency, donor activity, we have it. This is an important mailing list for marketing YOU and winning that election!

Telemarketing Lists

A list of leads with phone numbers. Available in consumer or business. 

Healthcare Mailing Lists

The healthcare industry is the largest industry in the United States, and it continues to grow. Healthcare mailing lists are critical to reaching this growing market and its demands. From large hospitals to small private practices, these specialized businesses need a wide range of products and services, from advertising to office and medical supplies.

Agricultural Farm & Ranch Mailing Listsfarm ranch mailing lists

Be part of the fast growing agricultural industry. Get a verified mailing list of farms and ranches. Targeting filters availble.  

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