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22 Tips for Direct Mail Success

22 Direct Mail MarketingTipsDirect mail is one of the most important parts of your marketing plan. Creating a campaign message that will be effective and produce the results you need takes time, but pays big dividends. The right message is very important and must get to the right prospect in the right way on a frequent enough basis. Capturing your reader has to happen fast and your reader must be motivated to take action. Whether you are creating a postcard or letter here are some good rules to follow.

Here are 22 direct mail marketing tips for your next campaign. 

  1. Make a free offer
  2. Use bullet points
  3. Keep sentences short
  4. Use colors
  5. Include a bold headline
  6. Use a testimonial
  7. Use before and after photos
  8. Offer a risk free trial
  9. Highlight "what's in it for them?"
  10. Be sure prospect can answer in their mind "Why should I call this company?"
  11. Use powerful photos and images to grab attention
  12. Personalize the data and graphics
  13. Be sure the offer stands out in the design
  14. Repeat the offer 3 times if it's a letter
  15. Use PS for letters!
  16. Include an expiration date or "respond by" date for offers
  17. Use only a couple different fonts at most 
  18. Be sure to include a bold call to action
  19. Make a guarantee!
  20. Code your mailings so you can track and compare results
  21. Don't clutter the design
  22. Hire a professional graphic designer

There you are! 22 Simple and effective tips to get more out of your next mailing. Hopefully you found a nugget or three that you hadn't considered.

As always, Mail King USA is here if you need help.

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