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Best Ways To Use Dental Post Card Marketing

Some of the best ways to use Dental Postcard Marketing to get more patients

Dental Post Card MarketingThe key to optimizing your dental practice's performance is to ensure you leave no stone unturned to spread awareness of your practice within the community, acquire new customers and engage your existing clients. Dental postcard marketing is a powerful tool that can help your practice achieve these business goals.

Apart from the growing competition, dentists, like other professionals, are dealing with the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. The COVID-19 health crisis has been disruptive for all high-contact industries and sectors, including the dental industry. However, the industry is expected to bounce back and register a strong performance.

There are many creative ways you can use postcard marketing to grow your dental practice.

Here are some of the best ways to use dental postcard marketing:

Make an enticing offer (or two)

Direct mail marketing statistics show that close to 60 percent of Americans enjoy receiving direct mail materials from businesses about new services or offers. A compelling offer can help you boost walk-ins at your practice. Your dental practice can leverage postcard marketing to make enticing offers such as:

• Free whitening treatment for life
• $100 off on treatment plans worth $500
• Free implant consultation
• Only $99 for x-ray, cleaning, and teeth whitening
• $50 off on any dental treatment

Dental Post CardsHighlight what makes your practice unique

Whether it is a rich patient experience, sedation/painless dentistry, or low-cost dental treatments, you can highlight these differentiators with effective direct mail materials such as postcards. Instead of making the postcard text-heavy, use bullet points to list the key features of your practice that help the recipient take in the information quickly at a glance.

Include patient testimonials

It's a proven fact that most consumers read reviews before making a decision to engage with a business. For dental practices that are not yet well established, featuring reviews from their current patients is a great way to build trust and credibility. Established practices can use patient testimonials to attract and acquire new customers.

Add doctor bio

A study found that 61 percent of Americans avoid visiting the dental practice because of fear and anxiety. Including brief details on the dentist's experience and expertise can help reassure your prospects. Include your photo and details such as your hobbies, mission, or values to add a personal touch.

Feature a map

Direct mailings such as postcards are perfectly suited for letting your prospects know where your clinic is located and how they can find you. For most people, convenience is the key factor that influences their choice of a dentist. Direct mail advertising companies can help you design a marketing postcard with a small map that pinpoints your location along with a picture of your office.

Dental Post Card MailersDon't forget the call to action

While postcard marketing is a highly effective way to get the attention of your prospects, it is important to create a sense of urgency with a compelling CTA (Call to action). These could be ' contact us today' or 'sign up today for the dental membership plan.

Why do you need direct mailing services for your dental office?

Last but not least, ensure your mailing lists are accurate. Whether you want to target prospects in specific neighborhoods, new movers in the area or a specific slice of demographic, direct mailing services can help you get a precise mailing list. From targeted direct mail, new movers mail, bulk direct mail to EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) lists, a comprehensive mailing list is the foundation to successful dental postcard marketing.

Get started on your direct mail campaign

Whether it is targeting new movers in your area, reaching your existing patients, or targeting a niche demo for one of your services, we can help! Give Mail King USA a call today to start planning your campaign. From the list to deisgn to print and mail - we are your one stop shop.

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