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COVID 19 Business Survival Guide

bigstock-roup-of-businessmen-hides-thei-324905212Don't panic. As a business owner you do not have this option. You need to THINK-COMMUNICATE-ADJUST.

Slow down to THINK

More than ever, it is crucial that you slow down and assess the business landscape, look forward to anticipate where things are going, and then make smart business decisions accordingly. What will life look like if social distancing is required in some form or another for the next 6-12-18 months, or more? How can you prepare for this by making changes to your business model now?

Many businesses are already doing this. Some examples below. 

Restaurants - As restrictions have led to a shutdown of the dine-in experience many locations that have not previously delivered food have begun to do so. This can be done in-house or through a food delivery service. Importantly, they have communicated this major change to their customers through email, text, and direct mail letters or postcards.

One restaurant owner has even decided to offer a free roll of toilet paper to all his take out customers! That is the way to be thinking! Read the full article Click Here 

Retail - One business I know sells electronic equipment. This type of product will be in even higher demand as more people are being asked, or even forced, to work from home. Additionally, kids are streaming school classes and so need laptops with video cameras. All this steaming creates the need for better wifi routers and related equipment. 

As an extra incentive to come into the store he is offering a free face mask for all shoppers and will have sanitization stations up front as customers enter so customers feel safe.

Curbside pickup - many retail businesses have also begun doing curbside pickup for online sales. 

Limit traffic - Some retail businesses put a sign on the door and only allow 10 people in the store at a time. Here's an idea. If social distancing regulations become the norm, is it too far off to develop an app that allows customers to schedule times to visit your location? This would allow you to manage crowds according the regulations and still bring a steady flow of business.

Financial - In an industry where wine and dine seminars have been a bread and butter method for generating new clients, new strategies must be deployed. Can you move your seminars to a Zoom platform and offer your attendees a sizable gift card in lieu of the pricey meal? ...or perhaps ship them a bottle of fine wine along with their free financial analysis that you will provide? 

Travel & Entertainment - you have probably already seen a number of emails from airlines, hotels, and movie theaters explaining how they are working hard to keep their places clean with increased sanitization policies, and sick policies for staff. Simple things like this can go a long way in reassuring your customers. These were the first businesses to get hit really hard so you would do well to learn from them.

Hotels - One creative Swiss hotel has started offering the "Covid-19 Service" – a customizable stay with add-ons such as in-room coronavirus testing, doctor visits and 24/7 nurse care. Now that's creative! While the rest of the industry is going bankrupt, these guys have totally turned the problem on its head. If you must quartantine for 14 days you may as well do it in luxury. Read full article here

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Once you have some good ideas in mind then you must....

Use proper channels to COMMUNICATE

One thing that is fairly certain to be protected through this mess are our communication channels. This includes radio, tv, internet, phone, email, and direct mail. Once you have made important changes to you business you must communicate these changes to your customers. If you fail to do this, your changes will be for nothing. Send an email blast to your customers, send a postcard or a letter to your clients, send a mass mailing to the homes around your business, or a letter to those demographics most crucial to your business survival. Take advantage of the targeted demographic mailing lists that are available to you. Let people know that you are aware of the situation and are doing something about it. Let them know you are still open for business and how you are changing in order to serve them better at this time.

Once you have notified all your existing clients as well as those in your target demographics then you must....

ADJUST course as things change

As you know by now, the situation is changing rapidly. Stay on top of the regulations and make changes as needed. Try to plan ahead and be anticipating where things are going rather than behind the curve. For example. even if "all" businesses are required to close for a time, they will eventually reopen but perhaps with some modified regulation like a limit on the number of people in one place at a time or required distance between them. Do what you can to be prepared for this so you don't loose precious days of sales.

Finally, remember that times like this are meant to remind us of what is truly important. As a Christian, I believe that God is in control, that He is good, and that times like these provide massive opportunities to use the gifts and resources that God has given you to love those around you. Remember, you are a business owner! A resourceful, determined, creative, self starter! That means you have an amazing mind, able to handle all sorts of complex problems, adapt, and find opportunites hidden from others. Some of the opportunities that you see will include ways to serve your community. Don't let that be lost on you. This is a time for all of us to step up and love one another.

Kroger is one example of a business that has found a way to serve others in this pandemic. They recetnly released a guide for businesses to help with COVID-19 adjustments. They are sharing what they have learned as they worked though the issues first hand. You can download their free guide with this link COVID-19 Blueprint For Businesses 

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