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How Can Law Firms Use Direct Mail Marketing?

bigstock-Attorney-At-Law-Legal-Business-380174431Are you considering using direct mail marketing to promote your law firm? That's a really good idea. Unlike many other types of marketing, direct mailings are personal and customized.

But if you're unsure what type of content to use in your campaign of direct mail marketing for law firms, look no further. At Mail King USA, we are experts in direct mail for lawyers and law firms. We can help you choose the type of content that will elicit the highest open rates and leads.
Read on.

1. Send personalized messages through postcard marketing

Postcards are exceptionally charming mediums of communication. When direct mail marketing for law firms, they eliminate the formality and complexity that many people associate with the law.

Using the power of postcard marketing, you can send individual high-value prospects important legal information, offers for various services, and a detailed & impassioned call to action, which are formulated according to the recipient's needs and preferences. This will allow you to connect with the recipient on a personal level and increase the chances of growing your client base.

Postcards also make great direct mailings when you're trying to get in touch with ex-clients who have the potential for repeat business (for example, those with repeat DUI charges).

2. Hard sell your legal services through promotional brochures

Brochures are designed for direct and hard selling. Once you have a rapport with your direct mail recipient, you can implement brochure marketing and send a detailed promotional brochure.  Typically, your brochure should have information such as:

  • History & legacy of your law firm.
  • Your areas of practice.
  • Number and names of lawyers and their specializations.
  • Number of clients and successful outcomes.
  • Different office locations & contact details.
  • Fixed offers you provide each holiday season.

bigstock-Last-Will-And-Testament-Concep-283616878In addition to this, direct mailing services are really powerful in helping you widen your job applicant base. You can also include a section inviting job seekers to apply to your team.

You can either have a single brochure with all this information or you can split this up to create multiple brochures, which you can send over the course of a few weeks.

3. Update recipients about legal announcements and new firm services using snap pack mailings

Has there been a new law that could affect your client's future outcomes? Is there an important amendment to a regulation that you think might benefit your prospective clients? If yes, send them a snap pack and inform them about this update.

Snap pack mailings are one of the best attorney direct mail marketing tools. They can be used to provide quick and professional information updates. For example. you can provide important notes about any legal announcements and changes.

You can also run a larger 8.5x14 size in your snap pack outlining how your services have been upgraded/updated to ensure the recipient will be supported through this legal transition. If you are planning to start a new legal service, you can also include information about the upcoming service in the snap pack.

4. Share event invites through your letters

Letter marketing is a great way to develop a one-on-one relationship with your prospective client. The flexibility of letters and variety of options available make it a solid attorney direct mail marketing tool to have in your plan.

Letters don't cost much to produce and can easily be scaled to your needs. You can start by sending the letter introducing yourself and talking about the services you intend to offer. In subsequent direct mailings, you can use them to personally invite your prospects to the grand opening of your law firm or to any legal event which you feel they might enjoy.

bigstock-Scanning-Advertising-With-Qr-C-33125438When sending your letter, you might try a variety of different types of envelopes, paper stocks, or colors, to increase open rate. For example, research shows that an oversized letter has a higher open rate (4.9%), compared to traditional size letters mailed in a #10 size (2.5%).

5. Provide QR codes using postcard and brochures

Finally, if you want your mail recipient to respond immediately to your direct mailings, then you may want to apply a QR code to your postcard and brochures. Explain how they can scan these QR to visit your website or your blog. The QR code can also be tagged to any discounts you're giving at the moment or any testimonials that previous clients have written, so mail recipients will be encouraged to choose you as their legal representative.

Give us a call today to discuss your direct mail needs or click on the link to get a quote now.

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