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6 Ways Mailers Promote Dental Services

dental postcard marketingDo you have a new dental service that you'd like to promote? If yes, direct mail marketing is a great tool for you. At Mail King USA, we are highly experienced in direct mail marketing for dentists and we can help you generate visibility and leads for your new service.

6 ways to use direct mailing services to market dental services

Direct mailings can be used in 6 unique ways to promote any new dental service that you have started to offer at your dental clinic. Here's what you can do:

1. Use direct mailers to recommend important dental care tips

You can't just market your new dental service right off the bat. Instead, you should ease your mail recipients into the topic, by providing them with generic dental advice. So, you can choose letter mailings or postcard marketing to introduce yourself to the recipient and provide dental care tips that they can follow every day.

Send such direct mail marketing for a few weeks, to establish your authority.

2. Mail a brochure about dental diseases & how you can treat them

bigstock-Young-caucasian-man-wearing-ca-404228660Not every person who receives your dental care tips will follow them. That's just human nature. So, now as a follow-up to your first few letters with a detailed brochure about dental diseases. You can use postcard mailings to provide detailed information about one common dental problem per postcard, which includes symptoms, problems & possible treatments. This should include a mention of the new service.

You can even send a reply card with it, where a recipient can directly get in touch with you, if they feel they may be showing symptoms of the condition you've mentioned.

3. Use dental postcard marketing to dispel myths about dental services

Now that you've introduced the services into your direct mail communication, you can start actively promoting it. Since many people have an inherent discomfort about undergoing any most dental services, it's best to try to dispel any fears they have.

So, your next set of direct mailers can be about addressing any myths or lies that are floating online. You can address one myth/lie in each letter and do a series or you can address multiple questions in one letter/postcard.

4. Include a detailed FAQ brochure about the surgery

Once you have addressed the myths, it's time to provide your recipients information about the new service. Here, you can send a detailed brochure for the service, with details about the What, Why, When, Where & How.

bigstock-Dentist-Shows-Patient-The-Resu-368662240Your FAQ direct mail marketing can be really helpful in converting prospects who are on the edge of indecision. You can also offer special discounts or offers to customers with this FAQ, to increase the chances of conversion. If this service has been on offer for some time, you can also add a list of patient testimonials at the end of the FAQ section.

5. Repurpose your surgical blogs into direct mail letters

A great way to promote your dental service is to really do a deep dive of it. You can take any blogs you've written about it and convert each blog into a direct mail marketing letter. The more information you provide consistently, the higher the chances of the recipient converting.
You should always make it a point to send a strong offer with all of your direct mailings, since it's the best way to get qualified leads.

6. Let your direct mailer be an invite to schedule a consult

Finally, you can use postcard direct marketing to invite recipients to come in for a consult. You can have a small section where you can offer booking times and dates, which the recipients can check and return to you or refer them to a scheduling portion on your website.

At Mail King USA, we are one of the most reputable direct mail advertising companies in the country. Contact us to get started on your direct mail marketing campaign.

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