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How To Write Postcard Headlines That Work

postcard headlines that work#1 Simple Postcard Headlines Sell!

No need for crazy, complicated, cute, clever and creative headlines on your direct mail postcards. Nobody cares or has time to figure out how clever you are. Getting to the point pays.

  1. Enjoy a pool this summer!
  2. New 2015 models have arrived.
  3. Try the world's best chocolate!

#2 Postcards Should Lead With The Offer

Don't hide your big incentive. If you are making a great offer, let them know right out of the gate. Postcards by their very nature are supposed to be in your face.

  1. 50% off everything SALE
  2. FREE dinner. Buy 1 get 1.
  3. FREE Car wash

#3 Use "How to" Post Card Headlines

People love to know how to do things.  They love to be "in the know". Play to this natural instinct. Perhaps you found this article by searching for "How to write postcard headlines that work." Point proven.

  1. How to double your money in 3 years.
  2. How to write headlines that work.
  3. How to protect your roof from costly damage this winter.

how to write postcard headlines#4 Ask A Question In Your Postcard Headline

Why wouldn't you use a question in a headline? When was the last time you received a direct mail postcard in the mail? Okay, you get the idea. Questions, cause the reader of the mail to stop and think for just a second, almost involuntarily. These few seconds are marketing gold. They solidify your brand and offering in the mind of the reader. Can you think of a good question to ask your prospects on your next direct mail postcard?

  1. Got a roof leak?
  2. Carpets filthy?
  3. Ready for some real food? 

#5 Command Them to Respond to Your Postcard Headline!

No one likes to be commanded on what to do right? Well, not exactly. The truth is that poeple respond to commands by default. Try telling your prosects what to do and if they trust you they will listen...... If they trust you!...If

  1. Get your A/C tune-up now and prevent costly repairs.
  2. Come in this weekend and spend $50 of our money!
  3. Bring your family for dinner and eat dessert for free.

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