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New Years Inspiration! Just a little farther

when the game stands tallThe year is off and running. How will you do this year?

Here is a little New Years marketing inspiration for you!

In the movie "When the game stands tall", there is a dramatic scene where a wounded vet with a fake leg challenges a young high school athlete who thinks himself superior for having two "real" legs. The boy accepts the challenge to see who can run the longest on the treadmill.
They begin running, and after much time on the treadmill, and with no steam left, the boy gives up. He says to his teammates, who are giving him a hard time "He was going to go forever". The vet hears the comment and says to the boy "No, no just a little farther than you." 

To win customers over you just need to go a little farther than your competition.

Farther in customer service, value, quality and in marketing your company.
  • How far will you go to market your business this year?
  • How much time will you spend on planning?
  • How much will you invest in the future?
Wishing you a good race this year, be sure to give it your best effort!

Ready to go a little farther than your competition and win some market share this year?

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