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Marketing Ideas For Churches

marketing ideas for churchesIt always amazes me how few people know about the wealth of information available to use to build a powerful mailing list for marketing purposes. Just today I had a conversation with a church ministry leader and the topic came up. In our discussion I just scratched the surface of the possibilities for using direct mail to raise awareness about a church in general, as well as to promote specific ministries within a church.

As far as I know, only a fraction of churches are using any of these ideas or marketing strategies today. If you can think of a good one I missed, please connect with me and I will be sure to add it to the list AND give you $100 off any mailing for your church!

Church Mailers To Grow Your Church & Ministry Service Impact

Church Postcard Radius Mailings

We start at a basic level with mailing to the homes closest to your church. Mail postcards about your church to raise general awareness of values, events, and contact information.

easter postcardsChristmas & Easter Postcards Marketing

Likely the most popular time for churches to mail postcards are Christmas and Easter. This is for good reason. Don't miss the biggest open door opportunity of the year! Learn more about Christmas & Easter Postcards

Church Neighborhood Newsletter Strategy

Church newsletters to their primary neighborhood is perhaps the most underutilized "general" audience marketing strategy there is. If you want to bring new people into the church and serve those outside the church well then you need to have a relationship with those who live closest to your location. Send a quarterly newsletter with updates from the church, event info, a devotional, crisis phone numbers, church group offerings, testimonials, etc... Learn more about newsletter printing and mailing

Church Member Newsletters

Church love to pass out bulletins week after week after week after week.... But when was the last time you got one at home? Most churches struggle with good communication, especially the larger ones. Solve this problem with a regular member mailing. Send a newsletter to communicate important updates, announce member meetings, notify of events, share testimonies so the church members can get to know each other, highlight prayer requests, and critical needs. Learn more about newsletter printing and mailing

church mailer ideasPostcards For Churches Youth Group

Mail postcards with a list filtered by age group in order to invite the youth to come and find friendship and truth. Promote events like youth summer camps, concerts, and Bible Studies.

Postcard Marketing For Churches College Group

Mail postcards with a list filtered by age in order to invite the college kids to come and join your college group events. College can be a very challenging time. If you have college students living nearby perhaps there is a way you can reach out and serve them? If they need crisis help, do they know you exist?

Church Survey Mailings

Many churches are packed with people who are extremely gifted and have priceless life experience that can greatly bless others. Do you know the people in your own church? Send them all a survey and find out: what languages do they speak?, where have they traveled?, what are their hobbies?, do they have extra space in their home they would offer up to someone in need? Do they have extra time and want to serve? Do they want to be a missionary? Did they used to be a missionary? Are they medical professionals looking for ways to serve? Do they have legal knowledge? Do they have financial expertise? Do they feel disconnected? Do they want to teach the Bible?  Do they have ideas for outreach? Are they hungry for more Bible study classes? Do they want counseling? Etc.. Churches can do so much more good if they know their people..

Postcard Marketing For VBS

Mail VBS postcards with a list filtered by age in order to invite the kids nearby to join the summer fun!

church postcard mailing ideasChurch Member Meeting Announcements

Similar to the church membership newsletters, use postcards to remind members of upcoming events like member meetings.

Postcards For Churches Over 50 Group

Churches can mail postcards with a list filtered by age in order to invite the people over 50 to their 50+ Life Group. This may be a massively undervalued group in your area. Show them you care. Send them a postcard and invite them to come check out your church. 

Young Married's Ministry Marketing

Churches can send mailers to newlyweds and invite them to come to young marrieds night! A newlywed ministry is so crucial in helping to church mailersestablish a solid foundation.

Minstry For Financial Stewardship Mailings

Hold financial education seminars and mail invitation letters to those with bad credit or a poor history mananging money. PS - Dont ask for a donation when they come.

Postcards For Men's Ministry 

Mail postcards to men in the area to promote your mens minsitry: mens retreats, small groups, hang out nights, Bible studies,  outings, marriage events, community service, etc...

Postcards For Women's Ministry

Mail postcards to women in the area to promote retreats, small groups, get togethers, Bible studies, guest speaker events, marriage events, parenting events, etc...

ESL Marketing MailersMulti-Language Service Outreach

Have a desire to serve the nations? Have a service geared towards another language? Mail postcards to the nations at your doorstep with a mailing list filtered by language.

ESL Ministry Church Postcard Mailings

Have an ESL ministry? Or want to grow one? Mail to those around you who dont speak english as well as they want. Use a targeted mailing list by language.

Widows & Orphans Minsitry Marketing Ideas

What kind of ministry list would this be without including widows and orphans. Did you know there is a mailing list for widows? How are you reaching out to this group and caring well for them. Mail them a letter or church postcard that includes information about your groups that may help them find healing. 

Single Parent Ministry Mailings

Mail letters or postcards to single parents using a "Single Parent" mailing list.  How might your church serve this group?church mailer ideas

Church Mailings For A New Parent Ministry 

Raising kids is hard....really ...really...hard. Please help. Mail them a lifeline using the "New Parent" mailing list. If they know how hard it is and what the different seasons of parenting are like they will have better chance of running the race well and finishing strong. Give them hope. Surround them with others 10 years down the path.

Mail Postcards / Letters To Business Profesionals For A Church Business As Mission (BAM) Group

Look what happpened when 12 guys where organized around a common focus and goal. What might your BAM group accomplish? Hold a conference and mail invitations to other business minds to attend and see what God may do.

direct mail marketing for churchesMail Postcards For A Empty Nester Ministry Group

When the last bird leaves the nest, parents need time and help reconnecting and refocusing their lives. Help this shell shocked group regain Biblical perspective and stay connected during this transitional time. Mail to people using a list of those with kids about to graduate high school.

Promote Gambling Addiction Recovery Groups

Use a gambling propensity list to reach those who have a destructive addiction. Invite them in and offer them real riches and hope that wont be lost.

Idea For Divorce Care Ministry Marketing 

Did you know there is a mailing list for divorcees? Many churches have divorce care groups to help during this painful time of transitition. Reach out the those nearby the church and let them know you have such groups available for them to join.

Help Raise Funds For Community Causes With Mailings To Frequent Donors

Church can use a Religous Donors list to mail to people who may be willing to contribute to a campaign that goes to serve their community. 

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