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Why Political Mailers Never Lie!

vote-button-110501jpg-664d5bac15bc3153Why Use Political Mailers?

Political direct mail campaigns work. It is that simple. When an election is on the line you can be sure every dollar counts.

Notice I didn't say politicians never lie. Even with "political mailers" I must clarify....while the promises or even claims may not always be true in content, what IS true is what they represent. The represent the fact that direct mail works and political direct mail postcards is where the savvy marketers go when every dollar counts!

Why Political Direct Mail Campaigns Work

Ben Golnik is a Republican political strategist who targeted voters in specific legislative districts with mailers against Obamacare. He says this about direct mail. "You can really slice and dice this data and get to a very specific universe of voters. So, instead of sending a blanket one to 15,000 or 18,000 household in the whole district, maybe you're sending three mailings to groups of 4,000 to 5,000 households,".

Read the full article here..

Political Postcard Mailings

Post cards are the go to option for political mailing campaigns. Letters are always an option but you just do not have that much time. Postcard mailers get the point accross in just a few seconds which is often all you have with your voters. For this reason it is also important that you have a good mailing list. Read more about political postcards.

Mail King USA can handle your political postcard campaign from deisgn to delivery! Give us a call today.

Political Voter Data Mailing List

Voter data is available for your postcard mailing. There are lots of options to use to get you the best list. Slice it and dice it by voting turnout, voter preferences, voting history, party affilliation and even donor support.  Read more about political voter data

Mail King USA can get you the best voter mailing list for campaign mailers. Give us a call today to discuss your campaign. 


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