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Postcard Strategies For Pool Companies

Grow your pool service or installation business with postcard marketing using these two easy mailing list strategies.

pool service postcard marketing strategiesUse Postcards to Grow Your Pool Service Business 

Target your postcard mailing list to homes with pools

You can't clean a pool they don't have. Stop wasting precious ad dollars using forms of advertsing that goes to home without pools. Shared mailers like coupon envelopes, magazines, newspapers, radio, tv, and such are not targeted to the only homes that matter to you. Postcard marketing with the right mailing list allows you to reach only the homes with pools.

Target your mailing list to upper income homes with disposable income

They might have a pool, but if they are strapped for cash, they are likely to be doing it themselves. Even wore, they may rack up a bill they can't pay. Don't risk it or waste your ad dollars mailing to homes that can not pay. Grow your pool service business by mailing your postcards only to homes with a high income or high ranking disposable income.

postcard marketing for pool service companiesTarget your mailing list to homes with kids (even by age)

Homes with kids likely means more pool use. The more it is used, the more it needs cleaned. In fact, if they are really young, that pool cleaning job can turn out to be more like toilet cleaning! Yuck! Young kids can have accidents in the pool, calling for greater attention on a regular basis. This extra work falls to the parents who are more likely to get tired of doing it themselves, or don't have the knowledge to get that pool back into good shape after a bad day. When mailing your postcards, consider adding in a filter to target just the homes with kids and perhaps even reach those with the youngest ones.

Be sure your postcards are reaching only home owners

With any type of sales you need to be sure you are dealing with the decision makers. Make sure your postcard mailing list gets your pool service postcards into the hands of the home owners. Mailing your postcards to renters will sink your mailing's ROI.

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pool postcards

Use Postcards to Grow Your Pool Installation Business 

pool installation postcard strategiesTarget your mailing list to only homes with NO pools

If they have a pool already, then they wont want a new one. Sell more pools by mailing your pool installation postcards only to the homes in your target area that dont have a pool already. The exception here is if you are trying to grow the remodeling side of your business. In this case, refer to some of the items above.

Target your postcard list to by income, net worth, home equity & good credit

When considering a pool installation, income is a big factor. However, even if income is lower, a home owner with lots of money stored up in investments or their home may chose to pull it out in order to install a pool. Since a new pool is more of a one time expense, and adds value to a home, the approach here is a little different then the ongoing cost of pool service as reference above. Of course, they will need to maintain that pool once you are done so income is still important. The best mailing list for your postcards may simply take it to the next level by looking at those homes with more money to put into this big investment. Finally, if you offer financing with your pool installation, you will want to filter out those home owners with bad credit. Ask about our credit modeling options.

postcard marketing for pool installationTarget your postcard mailing list to homes with kids

If it is hot, and they have kids, the kids are askig to go to the pool or for own of their own, or both. Kids, summer, and pools all go hand in hand. Sell more pools and increase your postcard advertising ROI by only marketing to homes with kids. Get big beautiful pictures of kids splashing around in the pool in front of them on a giant 6x11 postcard and the kids will do the selling for you. You wont even need to pay them a commission ; - )

Consider filtering out homes with small lot sizes

They may have the money, and the kids, and even the desire to have a pool, but if they dont have room in their yard for it, it is not going to happen. Depending on your market region, it could be very helpful to your postcard campaign ROI to consider filtering out homes with small lots. Ask about the sqft options available to you for your postcard mailing list.

Be sure you are reaching only home owners

 Just like with pool service mailings, if you are not dealing with the decision maker, you are wasting your time. Only send your pool installation postcards to home owners!

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Pool service and installation postcard mailing quotes


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