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The Power of Direct Mail In The Digital Age

bigstock-Interface-showing-globe-inform-410832862We live in a digital world. Many things that people once did in person can be done digitally today. People can read news online, look up information on any topic, interact with others, and even read their favorite books digitally. This has made life easier for many people and the growing popularity of digital marketing is proof of the changing times.

In this increasingly digitized world, direct mail marketing may seem obsolete. Thinking this way is normal. Why would someone rely on outdated direct mailing services in the digital age? Well, the reality is that direct mailings aren't obsolete. Effective direct mail marketing is powerful, delivers massive ROI, and offer numerous unique benefits even in the digital age. We'll explore some of these benefits in this article.

Direct mailings offer greater ROI

According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail marketing has a response rate of 4.4%, which is higher than that of digital marketing (0.12%). It offers ROI of 29%, making it a crucial component of any savvy marketers overall campaign strategy. To offer you a comparison, the ROI for paid search is 23% and online display is 16%. A 29% ROI for direct mail marketing is looking pretty impressive now, isn't it?

Direct mail is tangible and multi-sensory

bigstock-Roi-Return-On-Investment-Bus-391395500People lead fast paced lives today. There's so much information being targeted at people every moment that experiencing information overload is quite common. In such a world where most experiences that people have aren't mindfully done, direct mail marketing makes it possible to be mindful of what we receive. It is tangible. When people open their mail boxes, they actually get to hold and feel the promotional material that they have been sent.

Direct mailings, whether done through postcard marketing or letter marketing, also offer a multi-sensory experience. You can engage the visual and auditory senses of people through digital marketing, but direct mail marketing makes it possible to engage multiple senses at the same time. Perfume companies can send direct mailings that include some sample fragrances on printed material to engage the sense of smell. In fact, even if you are NOT a perfume company, you can do something similar to give your postcard or letter a LONG lasting impression in your customers minds. In this way, multi-sensory experiences can be created for a targeted group of customers.

Direct mail marketing is memorable

People can open up their email today to find several spam mails and forwards. Most people end up deleting these without ever opening them or leave them as is in their email without paying attention. Direct mailings are more memorable when compared to this. A great level of personalization can be ensured with direct mail marketing whether you are mailing post cards or mailing letters. The fact that it is tangible and can offer a multi-sensory experience also makes it a lot more memorable than email in their spam folder.

Direct mail marketing can be used to target different age groups

bigstock-Target-Customers--Red-Target-5693274Young adults and some middle aged people may be tech savvy enough to be effectively reached through digital marketing, but children and elderly people are not. Some platforms like social media even make it difficult to reach tech-savvy teenagers due to age restrictions in usage of such platforms. With direct mail postcard and letter marketing, various age groups can be reached and these restrictions can be overcome using targeted demographic lists. Your mailings can also potentially have a wider reach. One family mail box is all that is required to get your content in front of all members of that family.

Direct mailings draw undivided attention

There's a surprise element with direct mail that captures our attention. We aren't expecting our mail boxes to carry anything so when we do see it, we pay more attention to it. When you hold your mail in your hands, you give each piece special and undivided attention as you evaluate the ad and consider the offer. These moments are what make direct mail marketing so effective when compared to other mediums. These moments are what create such a massive ROI for direct mail.

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