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Direct Mail for Insurance Companies

Tips and Best Practices When Using Direct Mail Marketing for Insurance Companies

insurance mail marketing campaignEffective direct mail marketing has proven to be on the top of the list of marketers today simply because of the high returns it offers on investment. Direct mail advertising companies are booming, with more businesses seeing the value in reaching out to their customers directly.

Insurance direct mail marketing is more memorable, has a higher retention value, can be processed more easily by customers, and is more persuasive, invariably eliciting a response.

Insurance is something everyone needs, whether it's for their families, their homes, or even their automobiles. Home insurance direct mail marketing can help people become aware of how best to safeguard their home, while life insurance can do the same for their families.

Here are some of the best practices and tips involved in direct mail marketing for insurance companies that you can benefit from.

Maintain a Targeted Direct Mailing List for Insurance Campaigns

If you want your direct mail marketing campaign to be successful, you're going to have to create a plan for your "ideal customer". This should include demographic details such as age, location, language, gender, and other specifics that will help you connect with them in ways that matter to them. When you know who your target audience consists of, you won't have to waste time sending out emails to anyone who doesn't fit into your "ideal customer" description. You will be saving time as well as money and be able to invest in both the right way. Reaching out to your target audience also increases the likelihood of receiving a mailhouse service

Choose the Right Format for Insurance Direct Mailing Services

Postcard marketing, letter marketing, snap pack mailings, brochures, and flyers allow you to compose different types of messages based no your needs. You can also combine letter mailings with other formats to get the best results from a mixed package.

Insurance Mailers Requires Great Letter Copy

Insurance direct mail marketing requires you to create a mind-blowing copy. Why should a customer choose you? What do you have to offer that they can't get elsewhere? Think about what sets you apart from the rest and focus on capturing their attention with your copy. This doesn't just apply to the writing. It applies to everything you're sending them – the images, colors, writing – everything.
You should also maintain consistency in your copy so that they sense a strong brand presence and respond to you.

Insurance Mail Needs A Call to Action

Give your customers a good reason to look you up. Make them an offer they won't want to refuse. It shouldn't be something they can benefit from only after taking an insurance coverage. Make it non-contingent – maybe a free quote or a checklist of everything they need to know about homeowner's insurance.
Whatever you want them to do after reading your mail, make it explicitly clear with a strong call to action. This could be signing up for a service, booking a consultation, or even downloading a brochure.

Be Consistent with Direct Mail Marketing for your Insurance Office

Insurance marketing companyYour direct mail marketing efforts don't just end after you send out the first mail to your targeted list of customers. People aren't likely to be converted with just one mail. Be consistent in reaching out to them. Your company name may just get registered in their subconscious mind and they may be likely to recall it if they're ever looking to switch insurance companies. You should be ready for them in such situations.

Monitor the Mail House Services Results

There's no point spending on a direct mail marketing campaign if you aren't going to keep track of how it's doing. Measure the results of your campaign by monitoring the goals you set out to achieve and then see what changes are needed.

Start Mailing Today for Your Insurance Company 

Ready to get started? Give us a call today to start build a lead generation machine as you shape your new direct mail marketing campaign. 

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