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Direct Mail Marketing Law Firms & Attorneys

law attorney firm mail marketing lettersLetter Marketing Services For Law Firms & Attorneys

Direct mail marketing with letters is one of the best ways to grow your law firms client base. Mail to your own list or get a targeted prospect list from us.

Mail King USA provides end to end direct mail letter marketing services. Get your list, print, best postage, and mailing all in one place. We make it easy. 

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direct mail marketing for law firms

You get them at your own home, you know other law firms use them, and direct mail has been around for ever, but why exactly is direct mail marketing with letters such a good option for your law firm?

Benefits Of Mail Marketing With Letters For Law Firms

  • Direct mail letters are trusted.

People expect to get profesional communication in the mail. Email doesnt do this and postcards struggle to do this (though there are ways to do this well also). Direct mail marketing with letters communicates a level of professionalism and credibility that will go a long way in earning the relationship.

  • Direct mail letters are flexible.

Whether you need one page, two pages, or twnrty pages to communicate with your clients, direct mail letters can do the job. Letters can easily be scaled to your project needs. It is not just the number of pages either. You can upgrade to a 6x9 envelope or an even more profesional 9x12 so that nother is ever even folded. There are also endless options of paper stocks and colors for both the letter itslef and the envelope. Experimenting with different combinations of these can unlock MASSIVE returns you did not think were possible.

  • Direct mail marketing with letters is measurable.

When doing any sort of direct response marketing you can easily measure the results by including a call to action. This is actually what direct response marketing is meant to do. People expect you to make them an offer or ask them to do something. As they read you letter, they already anticipate that a decision is coming. The truth is that people WANT to be sold. You just need to show them their need and how you fill it. As your campaign matures you will be able to continue to make tweaks and try new things and then measure the response. Test and learn is the key!

  • direct mail marketing law firmsDirect mail marketing with letters is personal.

When sending letters, it is easy to mail merge in many data points from your list. This merged data will make your offer more personal and therefore drive a better response. Utilizing big data is key to this part. If you don't have a list of your ideal prospects, no problem! We can get a large list of your best prospects for you. There is more information available than you realize. You can use the troves of data points to your advantage and create a targeted mailing list that gets you the ROI you need. The more you know about your ideal client the better.

Setup A Direct Mail Letter Campaign For Your Law Firm

There are many more reason to make direct mail marketing with letters a foundational part of your law firms plan but rather then read about it just give me a call to discuss your specific business goals so we can develop a customized plan.

Just looking for a better deal? If you are already looking for direct mail marketing services with best price, then you are int he right place. We offer some of the most agressive pricing in the industry and can offer up many options that will save your law firm money. 

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Law Firm Letter Marketing FAQ

What types of law firms use direct mail marketing?

The most common type of law firms using direct mail marketing are estate planning attorneys, otherwise known as estate law attorneys or probate attorneys. The ability to effectively target their ideal client using age, income, trust presence and a target geogrpahy makes this niche ideal for direct mail marketing.  Secondarily, the ability to target businesses by type, size, and revenue makes for an ideal situation for business law firms or insurance law. Finally, with the ability to identify those who are under major financial burden, are behind on payments, and have revolving debt, bankruptcy lawyers have a good list to market to. 

Why is Mail King USA a trusted company for attorney direct mailings?

MKUSA has been in the mail industry creating powerful and cost effective mail solutions since 2007. We have worked with hundreds of clients across just about every industry. We know what strategies are best in various situations depending on your campaign goals. Should you use a postcard or a letter? What frequency should you mail? How far ahead of a seminar should your mail hit homes? Does paper stock matter? What kind of offers work for law firms? These are just a few of the common questions we get from law firms. Others just want to get their mailings out at the best price and we have you covered there as well! Give us a call today or request a quote to get started. 

Why should I use direct mail letters for an attorney?

Law firms use direct mail for a variety of reasons. Some are working to grow their trust business and may use us to get a list of people with trusts to market to. Others, may want to generate leads directly to the office and still others are working to get people booked for "wine and dine" type seminars. Either way, direct mail is the tried and true method for marketing your business. The internet has its place but it is highly fragmented. Your future clients, on the other hand, typically only have ONE place they live at. You can reach them exactly where you know you can find them using mail marketing services.

How does direct mail marketing work for attorneys and law firms?

Mail King USA is a full service direct mailing provider. We can care for all aspects of your campaign setup and fullfillment from list procurement, desing, print and mailing services. Some law firms prefer postcards and others more personal letters. The right approach for your law firm really depends on your goals and your specific offering. Give us a call to discuss your unique needs and get started.

What types of mailing lists do you offer for attorney direct mail marketing?

There is more information available now than most people are comfortable with. Some common lists for law firms revolve around age, net worth, whether or not they have a trust already, marital status, income, and business ownership. For bankruptcy law firms, we could get a list of those who are under major financial burden, are behind on payments, and have revolving debt. Credit score indicators are also available for your mailing list.

Are there any limitations for attorney direct mail marketing?

No, there are no real limitations for direct mail marketing for law firms. The one general limitation I might mention is that with any legal or financial business the need for credibility is much higher than, say, a retail business or service company. Establishing credibility is usually best done with a letter on nice paper stock. Spare no expenses on your mailing and it will show and earn you the valuable time and credibility you need to gain the trust of your future clients.

Why is direct mail letter marketing so profitable for attorneys?

The lifetime value of a client is so high that your required response rate is very small. Law firms that offer estate planning and trust services know this and will spend a lot for a new customer and still come out way ahead.  A good targeted list is as good as gold for estate planning firms.

What are your payment terms for attorney direct mail marketing?

Payment terms for all businesses is due prior to mail out. We accept just about all forms of payment. Often clients will pay by check or wire in order to take advantage of the discount passed on to all clients.

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