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Financial Advisor Letter Mailings

financial advisor investment letter mailingsGet more clients for your financial investment firm with high end targeted letter mailing campaigns. New data models help you leverage big data to hyper target new investment clients. Investment letter mailings utlizing new strategies will maximize your direct mail marketing ROI and fill your pipeline with new leads.

Mail King USA is here to help, providing end to end mailing solutions from data to delivery. 

Financial Advisor / Investment Letter Mailing Services Include

Mailing List Services

We work with you to idetify the best filters to use to get you more of your best clients by leveraging the power of big data and the thousands of targeting options available.

Financial Letter MailersLetter Formatting & Design Aid

Get help on the fine tuning of your perfect sales letter. We will be sure your letter follows best marketing practices and USPS mailing regulations.

Letter Printing & Mailing Services

Mail King USA provides end to end letter printing and mailing services. We will print and mail your letters with precision and quality. Average turn time is just 2-4 days. 

Letter Mail Tracking

All our mailers come with mail tracking so you know where your mail is and when to expect your phone to start ringing or the registrations to start filling up.

Setup Your Financial Letter Mailing Services

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Financial Services Letter Mailing Quotes

Working on your letter? Be sure to incorporate these best practices.

Best Practices: Financial / Investor Letter Mailings

Financial Letter Mailings Should Segment The Mailing List

Divide your audience into different categories based on their age, income, location, demographic, and interests. Then, personalize your message to each segment to increase engagement.

Financial Letters Mailing List SegmentationPopular Mailing List Ideas For Investor Letter Mailers

        • Age
        • Income
        • Net Worth
        • Home Equity
        • Marital Status
        • Liquid Investible Assets
        • Disposable Income
        • Real Estate Investor (Select based on how many properties they own)
        • Liesure Time Use Propensity 
          • If they prefer to spend their time at Museums then perhaps send those people a letter with an image of a famous museum and suggest they can spend more time doing what they love when they work with you.
        • Brokerage Preferences (where they have funds)
        • Presence of IRA, 401k, etc..
        • Have Bonds, Stocks, Mutual Funds, etc..

Financial Letter Mailers Should Have A Clear Offer

Be clear and concise in the offer you're promoting. Make sure to emphasize the benefits of your offer to your audience. Advisors needs to be clear about their value proposition. What are they bringing to the table? What can you offer that they are not getting already from their current situation?  This may be as simple as a real person and a relationship rather than a roboinvestor. 

Financial Investment Letters Should Use Attention-grabbing Headlines

Use headlines that get attention and communicate important information. You might address common issues or problems that they are not aware of and then follow up with how you help them solve that problem.

Investor Letter Mailings

Financial Investment Letter Mailings Should Use High Quality Paper And Color

Use high-quality paper and colors to create an impressive package that will stand out in your audience's mailbox. Do not skimp on your mailers. An extra 10 or 20 cents per piece can get you premium envelopes, paper, fonts, stamps, and beautiful color prints that build credibility and help move the relationship along.

Financial Letters Should Provide A Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Along with your clear offer should be clear instructions on what to do next. Phone, call, click to a registration link, whatever it is, make it clear and make it easy. Especially when dealing with an older market, any digital response component should be thought through carefully and involve as few steps as posssible. 

Financial Letter Printing & Mailing Tips Consider offering an extra incentive tied to a limited time offer to get a better response. Wine and dine seminars have this aspect built into it and it one of the best ways to get into this demographic

Your Letters Should Have A Personal Touch

Add a personal note or signature to your mailer to make it more personalized and effective. Ask us about how to create your own handwriting font to use on all your letters.

You Should Test Your Letters Against Different Versions

Test different variations of your mailer to find out what works best for your audience. Try different taglines on the envelope. Try different fonts, different images, different inserts (like business cards or flyers), try different paper stocks, different CTA's, different offers and different deadlines. If you are sending mailers to book up wine and dine financial seminars, try different restaurants. Be sure to do your homework on what the locals love AND be sure you have a good space to do your presentation. 

Setup Your Financial Letter Mailing Services

Ready to get started? Give us a call today or request a direct mail quote now.

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