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Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing

Mortgage Letter & Snap Pack Mailers | Refinance, Triggers, Purchase

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Mail King USA offers end to end mortgage letter marketing services. Whether or not you have a design or your mailing list yet, we make it easy to get your direct mail campaign up and running. Cash in on years of experience and get more leads, even in the toughest market.  

Mortage mailers like direct mail letters, and snap pack mailers, are so popular with mortgage companies that they get a category all to themselves. If you are reading this and you're in the industry then you already know this. The most common types of mortgage direct mail marketing campaigns are Refi (Refinance) Mortgage Mailers and Trigger Lead Mailer Campaigns.

The most successful guys across the country are using direct mail letters to generate quality mortgage leads, and grow their business. When everyone else can't seem to find leads, these guys always have a steady flow.  It's the reason homeowners mail boxes are flooded with these mortgage mailers week after week, after week, after week....

Direct mail letters are one of the most cost-effective formats for communicating lots of information to your prospects. The interaction between the prospect and your mortgage mailer message works to build trust, build credibility, educate the prospect on the problem, your solution, present your offer, and then move the sales process along to the next step. All of that in short letter. Pretty powerful stuff!

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So What's A Snap Pack Mortgage Mailer?

Perhaps you caught those words at the top of the page or at the last industry mixer you were at. Well rest easy, you are about to be "in the know" on this powerful and cost effective direct mail piece know as: the snap pack, a snappack, a snap, snaps, check mailers, or pressure seal mailers.

Snap pack mailers, also known as pressure seal mailers, are basically an 8.5x11 or 8.5x14 piece of paper folded up (C fold or Z fold) with pressure seal glue on the outside. When you get it in the mail it looks like a check, hence the name check mailers or check snaps. It has instructions for tearing off the edges, which after you do, are left with a letter to open, or with some versions, a check (or mock check).


mortgage snap pack pressure seal mailer front


mortgage snap pack pressure seal mailer back

  • Benefits To Mortgage Marketing With Snap Packs (Pressure Seal Mailers / Check Mailers / Check Snaps)

    Snap packs have no need for envelopes which means snap packs provide you a cost savings.
  • Snap pack mailers still have a newness and curiosity factor that leads to higher open rates.
  • Snap packs communicate instant credibility as they appear to look like official communication from a financial institution or employer.
  • Snap packs rarity tends to get higher read and engagement rates.
  • The reasons anove, means snap mailers get higher response rates.

So to sum it up, snap packs are new, official looking, and interesting so people open snap mailers and are more likely to respond; PLUS it costs you less than traditional mortgage letters. Now that's a WIN WIN..for you!

Combine all that with a targeted mortgage mailing list to your ideal prospects and you have a winning combination so everyone dollar spent it well spent.

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Why Use Direct Mail Letters For Your Mortgage Company Refi & Trigger Lead Campaigns?

Reasons most mortgage companies prefer direct mail letter marketing over other options are:

  • Direct mailers are highly targeted which allows you to reach prequalified leads. Whether you are targeting refinancing or newmortgage mailers  purchases, there is a mailing list just right for you.
  • Mortgage mailers give you the space to sell your value proposition, educate the customer, and drive home your call-to-action.
  • Mortgage letter mailers give you trackable returns when you leverage phone tracking as well as mail tracking which comes free with every mailing.
  • With mortgage letter mailers you can build trust quickly with a credible medium like physical mail. This will increase your conversion rate and maximize your ROI.
  • Letter mailings allow you to A/B regularly in order to continue to fine tune and improve your response rate. 
  • Letter mailers are timely. Get fresh data, like trigger leads, and your mail piece into hand within days.
  • Letters bring a personal touch that helps to build the relationship and close the deal.

Sample Mailing List Options For Mortgage Companies

  • Loan to Value
  • Loan Amount
  • Loan Date
  • Loan Interest Rate Type
  • Loan Type
  • Home Purchase Date
  • 2nd Loan Information
  • 3rd Loan Information
  • Length of Residence
  • Home Equity
  • Credit Ratings
  • Home Purchase Amount
  • Age
  • Income
  • Marital Status
  • Net Worth
  • # Properties Owned
  • Year Home Built

 mortgage mailing list




...and this is just a partial list. The options and combinations are almost endless. How well do you know your target market for your mailers?

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Mortgage Mail Marketing FAQ

What is the most popular direct mail piece used for mortgage mailing campaigns?

If this was your direct mail piece would you want me sharing it with everyone on the internet? So I can't give you specifics, but I can tell you that guys use both snap packs and letters with great success. They use black and white and they use color. They use check snaps and simple and straightfoward letters. The key is making the direct mail clear and simple with a call to action. Let them know the value they have in their home or in getting a better rate. 

mortgage direct mailers

What mortgage data or mailing lists do you offer?

We can get all types of mortgage data whether modeled data or actual credit file data. If you want credit data then allow for a few weeks for the onboarding process. The speed of this process greatly depends on how fast you fill out the forms (and not missing anything in them). If you have a data source setup, that if fine, we can use that as well. 

Do you offer copy services for mortgage mailers?

No, but we can give you feedback on your letters. Just keep in mind the advice above and general marketing design principals such as Keep It Simple Stupid --KISS--! We also have a database of hundreds of mortgage direct mail services running all over the country right now. You can use these as a starting place if you need ideas. We can do the actual design and setup of the letter once you have the content written.

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What's the best mailing schedule for mortgage mailer campaigns?

There is no particular schedule that is better than another. It depends if you are going after cash outs, refi's, BK's, debt consolidation, or new purchases. 

When is the best time to send mortgage mailers to borrowers?

Trigger mailings are always a hot item. Trigger leads will come weekly once somone has their credit pulled. When people are shopping loans it is always a good time to market them with a mortgage direct mail campaign. Other than that, you can direct mail them once they qualifiy for a better rate or when they have enough cash in their home to utilize. Also, you may consider a previous BK whose credit is now ripe for a new loan.


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