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Mailing Lists Of & For Churches

Churches Mailing Lists

Whether you are looking for a mailing list for your church or a mailing of churches, you are in the right place! Mail King provides top quality data at the consumer and business level. Read on to consider what type of mailing list may be best for you or simpliy give us a call now to discuss your maketing plans and get your mailing list.

Common Mailing Lists For Churches

Radius Mailing List to Everyone Around the Church

One of the most common mailing lists for churches is the radius mailing list. Churches want to promote Christmas, Easter, VBS or other special events and they want to invite the community to come in. For this reason a radius mailing list for a direct mail campaign may be the best choice. The radius used will depend on how far people tend to drive to come to your church. Another common factor when getting your mailing list may be your church budget. 

A radius mailing list for a direct mail campaign really says more about the geographic area mailed more than the demographics. It is good to know that even with a radius mailing list you have the option to filter your list down by thousands of ways such as age, marital status, income , presence of kids, and many more.

VBS Mailing Lists for Churches

If you are promoting a Vacation Bible School program then you will only want to mail to homes with kids. Be sure to let us know and we will filter out all the homes that do not have children present and create custom church postcards. You also have the ability to filter down to homes by the kids age levels. 

mailing lists for churches youth group

Youth Group Mailing Lists for Churches

Similar to the VBS mailing list for church mailers, a youth group outing or camp can be promoting by getting a mailing list that focuses on the older kids in middle school or high school. These mailing services would also be a good mailing list for your church if you have a college group that you want to grow. Ask about the different age groupings available and we can send you mailing list counts.

Marriage Ministry Mailing Lists for Churches

Want to promote your marriage ministry to struggling families? Reach out to us to get a mailing list of married couples around your church. Depending on your ministry you can also further filter this by age in order to reach those still in their honeymoon phase who may need a little extra help

Other Mailing Lists for Churches to Consider

  • New Parent Mailing List
  • Promote your support group, daycare services ,or preschool
  • Single Mom Mailing List  
  • Promote your ministry and get single moms help they may need.
  • Business Owners Mailing List
  • May be useful if you have or are developing a Business As Mission ministry
  • Low income & Financially Burdened Mailing List
  • Reach out to those who are in financial distress. Promote your churches financial education seminars and offer needed aid to help other get back on their feet.


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Looking For A Mailing Lists of Churches?

If you want to offer your service to churches then you may be looking for a mailing of churches. Mail King USA provides highly deliverable mailing lists of churches for this very purpose. A church mailing Lists can help businesses connect with Churches, Pastors and Leaders. 

church mailing listCommon Filters & Selects for Mailing Lists of Chuches

  • Geography

  • Denomination

  • Mailing Address

  • Contact Name

  • Phone Numbers

  • # of Employees

  • Emails available

Get Your Church Mailing List Today

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