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Political Voter Mailing List Data

Election voter mailing list dataPolitical Mailing Lists

Election season is always right around the corner. Whether you are doing postcards or letters, having a good voter mailing list for your political campaign can make or break your election. At Mail King USA, we can get you the best voter data available for your political mailers. There are many options when filtering your voter list in order to get the most targeted voter data and increase your return on investment. Whether you want to reach your base, influence the undecided, or mobilize the uninspired, we have you covered!

Most Common Mailing List Selects Used In Political Campaigns:

  • Political party
  • Number of elections voted in
  • Which elections voted in
  • Age
  • Political donor status
  • Address, name, household,
  • Voting district and precincts, cities, counties, and states
  • Neighborhood saturation by district or precinct.

voter mailing list providerMost Up to Date Political Voter Mailing Data

No old or stale data here. We bring you the freshest and most up to date voter data possible for your political mail campaign. Your campaign may need voter info from last weeks election, not last year, and we can deliver. Our file is updated weekly helping you get the edge you need to win.

Get All the Fields You Want in Your Voter Mailing List Data

While common output fields needed for your political campaign mailing, such as name, address, city, state, and zip code, will come standard with your voter data, there are also add on options for such as emails, phones, and cell phones. Having the right set of outputs will help you to reach you target voter demographic whether at home, in the office, or on the go. The more ways you reach them, the more influence you have for your political campaign. Let us know what you need and take your campaign to the next level.

Choose the Best Political Mail Piece Format

The most common type of political direct mail piece is an oversized postcard. Chose this option to get the most space for your message, make a guaranteed impact, and persuade the voter.

To learn more about political postcard mailing click here

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