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Targeted Consumer Mailing Lists

Why Targeted Consumers Mailing Lists?

targeted mailing lists serviceWhy waste money on prospects who are not even qualified to buy what you sell? Big data is here and the age of shotgun type mailings by zip code or city are pretty much dead for most (but not all) businesses. This is where targeting more focused categories can yeild better results. 

Targeted Consumer Mailing Lists Eliminate Waste

If you are a home improvement company looking for leads, why would you waste 30% or more of your targeted direct mail budget on bad consumer mailing list full of renters? It may seem crazy, but that is exactly what happens with zip code mailings and it happens all the time simply because business owners are in the dark when it comes to all the targeted mailing lists options available to them when they work with the right company.

Targeted Mailing Lists Increase ROI

  • Targeted mailing direct mail lists allows you to mail just the best prospects so you get more of your best customers.
  • Targeted direct mail lists save you time by not having to deal with poor leads.
  • Targeting direct mail marketing increases your direct mail marketing campaign ROI by driving in customers who spend more.
  • Targeted mailing increase overall campaign response rates because you mail to those who are prequalified to be one of your customers.

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Benefits of Targeted Consumer Mailing Listsconsumer mailing lists provider

  • A consumer targeted direct mail lists for any industry, no matter what your market niche is.
  • Reach only the targeted and specific audiences you want and save money on your consumer direct mailing lists.
  • Generate more leads to get higher engagement and response from prospects who are most like your best customers
  • Customize your mailing content according to the needs and requirements of the customer with mail merge and variable data printing

Popular Filters For Targeted Mailing Lists In Marketing Campaigns

  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Presence of kids
  • Age of kids
  • Home owners
  • Net worth
  • Sqft of home
  • Home value
  • Home equity
  • Credit score
  • Home lender type
  • Home Assessed Value
  • Owner Type Detail
  • Marital status
  • Year home built
  • Presence of pool
  • New home owners
  • Mover mailing list
  • Personal interests
  • Life stages
  • Ultra affluent
  • Occupation
  • Investors
  • Travelers
  • Home Loan Amount
  • Home Loan Date
  • Home Square Footage
  • Presence of seniors
  • Length of residence
  • Credit card indicator
  • Buying behaviors
  • Household health data
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Voter party
  • Hobbies
  • Automotive data
  • Lendable Home Equity
  • Interest Rate Type
  • Home Loan Transaction Type
  • and much more!

*All consumer mailing list home/loan data is based on County Recorder Information so it's extremely accurate.

Mail King USA has the best consumer targeted list and mailing lists. Contact us today to discuss your need of homeowners mailing list for targeted direct mail campaigns.

Call us direct at (916) 296-0545 or click the link below.

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