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Telemarketing listDo more than just direct mail when you work with Mail King and multiply the ROI on your next direct mail marketing campaign. Telemarketing prospects after you have mailed them a postcard, a letter, or any other type of direct mail piece is a very effective marketing strategy. Following up with a phone call after the prospect has received your ad increases response rates because the prospect consciously or not is now more familiar with your brand; giving you more credibility. Even more, the prospect may already have been thinking about working with you or what you offered. When you call them you are just making their job a lot easier.

Phone numbers are available for all businesses and a good amount of the consumer data. Be sure to ask us about getting phone numbers with your next mailing list. We scrub our data well to ensure compliance with all laws. Our lists are all do not call list compliant. 

Not mailing? No problem! We can still get you a top quality telemarketing list for use in your call center or with your in house telemarketing team. Rest easy knowing that our data is the best available so the phone numbers you get will put you in direct contact with those prospects you want to work with the most.

Like other targeted lists you have the options to target only your best clients with premier demographic filters.

Some of the most popular business mailing list filters are:

  • SIC
  • Revenue
  • Employee size
  • HQ location
  • Franchise indicator

Some of the most popular consumer mailing list filters are:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Presence of kids
  • Age of kids
  • Home owners
  • Net worth
  • Sqft of home
  • Home value
  • Marital status
  • Year home built
  • New home owners
  • New movers
  • Personal interests
  • Life stages
  • Ultra affluent 
  • Occupation
  • and much more!

Mail King USA has the best list data. Contact us today to discuss your telemarketing list needs. 

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