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Trust Lists

Looking for a trust mailing list?

law firm marketing trusts lists

If you are a law firm that specializes in trusts then having qualified trust services with a list of everyone in a given area that has a trust is extremely valuable. You can use these trust lists to reach new clients. Trusts often go outdated and also contain errors or omissions as life and your situation changes. Reach trust holders and advise them of the improvements your law firm can make.

Are there other ways to filter the trust list data?

Yes! There are hundreds of options for filtering your trust lists. Some of the most common filters include age, income, net worth, marital status, and, of course, geography. Trust list data is available in all 50 US states.

If I mail a trust list, will my current clients get the letter?

We will do a standard suppression process with your current client list in order to prevent any of you existing clients from receiving offers you send out to attract new clients. 

What type of mail piece is best to send out to get new trust clients?

We have found that any service being offered that were a high level of credibility and trust if required, does better with a letter format versus a postcard. Color letters are especially powerful and will present your company at the industry expert and move clients through the sales process. 

How many trust list records are available?

Trust list counts vary by state. Contact me with your specific geography and any other list filters you may have and I can send you a complimentary list count.

trust mailing list

What kind of response should I expect from a mailing to a trust list?

Your response will depend on a number of factors. How strong an offer are you making? People need a LOT of motivation to do anything. Don't go cheap on your offer. Trust clients have a high lifetime value and you should not jump over dollars to save pennies. A very common strategy with legal firms or financial companies is to do an old fashioned wine-and-dine seminar to build a relationship and pitch your service. A high end meal can go a long way at attracting your future clients. You might also throw in a few other valuable items on top of this to ensure your fill all the seats. Often, it only takes a few new clients, or even one, to make the whole marketing campaign worth it!

Grow your law firm's client base with targeted trust data.

Contact Mail King USA to get a list count and discuss various options for your mailing campaign or get a trust list count by filling out the quote request form.

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