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Newsletter Printing and Mailing Services

newsletter printing and mailing servicesMail King USA provides cost effective, end to end, newsletter printing and mailing services. Newsletter mailings are a powerful way to build your brand, communicate, educate, and sell products and services.

Many businesses find it hard to stay on schedule with their marketing plan due to the complexity involved with printing and mailing newsletters. Others seek cost savings gained by outsourcing or by switching providers for their printing and mailing services. 

Whatever your reason, Mail King USA is here to help! Creating the newsletter content is time consuming enough, let us provide you with cost effective printing and mailing services so you can stay on schedule and reap the rewards of a consistent newsletter mailing campaign.   

Most Popular Industries Printing and Mailing Newsletters

Financial services: Financial services companies use direct mail newsletters to reach potential customers and stay top-of-mind. They often include information about new products and services, as well as tips on financial planning.

Healthcare: Healthcare providers send newsletters to educate patients about their health, promote healthy lifestyles, and remind patients about upcoming appointments.

Retail: Retailers are mailing newsletters to promote sales, introduce new products, and offer coupons and discounts.

Real estate: Real estate agents are regularly printing and mailing newsletters to market properties, generate leads, and build relationships with potential buyers and sellers.

Travel and tourism: Travel and tourism companies use direct mail newsletters to promote destinations, offer discounts, and encourage people to book travel arrangements.

Benefits of Printing and Mailing Newsletters

newsletter mailing servicesNewsletters keep customers informed: Newsletters offer a convenient way to keep customers updated on the latest developments in your business.

Increased engagement: Printing and mailing newsletters helps to increase the level of engagement with your existing customers and can help you tap into new markets.

Cost-effective: Newsletter marketing is a cost-effective method to maintain customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Builds brand awareness: Consistent and frequent newsletters help to reinforce your brand and keep your business top-of-mind for your customers.

Personalization: Newsletters can be targeted and personalized, resulting in a more impactful message that resonates with the reader.

Long, long, shelf life: Since printed and mailed newsletters are physical (as compared to email newsletters), they will hang out on a desk, table, or nightstand for months or even years. This means your marketing dollars keep working, and working, and working. They can also be easily shared or seen by others.

Customer retention: Mailing newsletters helps to retain customers by nurturing relationships with your existing customer base.

Building credibility: By providing valuable, informative content, you can establish credibility with your readers and position your business as an authority in your industry. Printing and mailing newsletters also required more investment in marketing than sending just an email. This reduces competition, spotlights your company, and builds credibility.

Most Common Sizes For Newsletter Mailings

Mail King USA can help you print and mail newsletters of just about any size. Below are just a few of the most common sizes.

4 Page Newsletter: This newsletter is printed and mailed with one 11x17 sheet that is folded in half to form 4 pages. May also be folded in half again and tabbed to mail as a 5.5x8.5 size newsletter and gain you postage savings. Some clients do not like the impression the tabbing gives and chose to print and mail as a 8.5x11 flat size instead

8 Page Newsletter: This newsletter is printed and mailed using two 11x17 sheets that are folded in half and then saddle stitched to form 8 pages. Optional fold again to 5.5x8.5 to tab and mail.

12 Page Newsletter: This newsletter is printed and mailed from three 11x17 sheets that are folded in half and then saddle stitched to form 12 pages. Optional fold again to 5.5x8.5 to tab and mail.

8.5x11 Tri-Fold Newsletter: This is more of a brochure style then a newsletter but can be purposed as you desire. The smaller size is ideal when there is not a lot of content to pass along and you are on a budget. This smaller newsletter prints and mails as a tri-fold or bi-fold and will save you on postage. Tabbing is required.

Best Paper Stock For Newsletter Mailings

The majority of newsletters printed and mailed go out on a standard glossy text stock. There are options to go with a thicker stock if you like. If you are mailing a newsletter with 16+ pages then you may also consider a thicker stock for the newsletter cover and then a standard stock for the pages inside. However, sticking with a uniform feel may provide a better user experience. 

Setup Your Newsletter Mailing Services

Ready to get started? Call us today to discuss your project, answer any questions, get quotes and learn about options.


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