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Postcard Mailing Design Services 

custom postcard design services

Postcard Design Services 

At Mail King we know the importance of quality artwork and the effects it has on mailing response. Becuase of this, we provide all our clients the option of getting quality professional custom artwork completed by our team of designers. 

Quality artwork and design can make or break your direct mail campaign. Custom artwork for custom postcards is NOT the place to skimp on your direct mail budget. Here are 5 BIG mistakes that cost clients thou$ands of dollars when using a poor ad design.

5 BIG Direct Mail Design Mistakes

  1. Poorly presented headline: A hard to read headline is useless and will just expedite the travel of your precious dollars into the circular. 

  2. Cluttered ad: Cramming too much stuff into your ad may seem like a good idea. You want to get your money's worth right? Wrong! A cluttered ad loses impact and response rates will feel it. A nice open, easy to read deisgn, well laid out will pay for itseld 10 times over.

  3. Contact information hard to find: If they can't find your number they wont call you. Enough said!

  4. Call to action not presented well: Believe it or not, many people do not know that direct mail is a DIRECT RESPONSE piece. THat means you need a call to action that the prospect is going to RESPOND TO. If that is not clear and presented well in the design the whole direct mail piece loses it's effect and going straight to the circular.

  5. Too many colors/fonts/styles: A cut and past design on your home computer or a poorly skilled artist will produce artwork that is filled with too many fonts, styles and colors that don't go together. This will leave your potential customers turned off by your mail piece and, by association, your company. I have done many clean up jobs on artwork. It's not worth it. 

Check out these two postcard designs....

Each from an arist considered hiring onto our team. Believe it or not, I gave them both EXACTLY the same instructions. (side note: you may think you are saving a couple hundred dollars, but what is your time worth? If you need to go back and forth 10 times and it takes 3 weeks...that has a real cost!) ....So one got the job and one didn't. One charged 75% less than the other. Can you tell which one? Bottom line is you get what you pay for folks!

At Mail King we provide high quality profesional custom art design for just $100 per side. Any agency or private artist worth their salt will charge much, much, more than this. Don't be fooled. Invest in good artwork, it pays


art sample 1 poor design postcard design services



good art design postcard design services


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