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Flyer Mailing Service

mailing flyersSending flyer mailers is a powerful and effective way to grow your business. Direct mail flyers are used by a wide range of businesses and serve a number of different marketing purposes. Mail King USA provides end to end printing and mailing services for flyers. We can help you get a mailing list, design, print, and mail your flyers.

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What Type Of Flyer Mailers Are Most Common?

Flyer Mailer Sizes

Typically, when talking about sending flyers, people have an 8.5x11 flyer in mind. Certainly, the 8.5x11 size flyer is the most common size used by businesses. There are other sizes available like 11x17 and 8.5x14 but are not common. These larger sizes, while rare, are great for certain use flyer mailing servicecases like when a restaurant is mailing out a menu and needs the extra space for items and some coupns. For most though, the 8.5x11  size mailer will do.

If you are interested in sending something smaller out to promote your business then you may be looking for postcard mailing services.

Flyer Mailer Design & Formatting

Marketing flyers may be one sided or double sided. If they are mailed out then they are almost always double sided. They may be printed on a thinner paper stock or a thicker cardstock. They are often glossy and in full color. Flyers can be folded like a tri-fold, then trabbed closed, and be direct mailed out, or they can be printed on cardstock and mailed directly like a a large oversized postcard. 

Flyer Mailer Templates

If you do not like the stand alone format of a typical marketing flyer, and prefer to send your flyer in an envelope then you are looking for letter mailing services.

Most Popular Uses Of Marketing Flyers

event flyer mailerA wide variety of businesses can benefit from sending marketing flyers, but some of the most common types include:

Local businesses: Restaurants, cafes, bars, hair salons, repair shops, and other local businesses often use flyers to reach customers in their immediate area. They can advertise specials, discounts, or new services.

Event organizers: Veranstalters of concerts, festivals, sporting events, and other events often use flyers to promote their events. They can include information about the date, time, location, and performers or speakers.

Non-profit organizations: Charities, schools, and other non-profit organizations often use flyers to raise awareness about their cause or to attract volunteers. They can include information about their mission, programs, and events.

Flyers for cleaning servicesHome Service providers: Plumbers, electricians, house cleaners, pool service, pest control, carpet cleaning services and other service providers often use flyers to advertise their services. They can include information about their rates, experience, and contact information.

Read More About:

Home Improvement Flyers: Home remodeling companies, handyman companies, roofers, landscaping, and other home improvement companies often use flyers to advertise their services. They can include information about their rates, experience, contact information, and special offers.

Home remodeling flyersRetail stores: Clothing stores, grocery stores, electronics stores, and other retailers often use flyers to promote sales, new products, or grand openings. They can include pictures of products, prices, and store hours.

Real estate agents: Real estate agents often use flyers to advertise homes for sale or rent. They can include pictures of the property, key features, and the asking price.

These are just a few examples, and any business that has a target audience can potentially benefit from sending marketing flyers. The key is to make sure that the flyers are well-designed and targeted to the right audience with a good mailing list.

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Mailing List Strategies For Your Flyer Mailing

Having a good mailing list strategy is important to the success of your flyer mailing campaign sucess.  Below are a few comong lists to consider for your flyer mailers

new mover flyersNew Mover Flyers

New mover flyers will be mailed out to one of the most lucrative and sought after markets for B2C businesses; the people who have recently moved into your area of business. New movers spend more than those who have lived in the area for a long time. New movers are looking to establish spending patterns in a number of areas. Send flyers to new movers with one a new mover mailing list.

Radius Mailing Flyers

Radius flyersRadius mailing flyers are sent to addresses around a place of business or job site. Radius flyers can be targeted to just reach residnetial addresses or can reach businesses. Radius flyers are great for grand openings, home improvement companies, home service companies, retail and most all businesses. This is becuase retail businesses get 80% of their customers from within 5 miles of their business. Along the same lines, home improvement and service companies can often get more jobs around current cutomer job sites. Launch a powerful radius flyer mailing campaign with a radius mailing list.

Zip Code Flyers

 Zip code flyers are sent out to all the homes in specified zip codes. You can chose to filter this down further if you like, but that basically moves you into the category below. At the highest level, zip code flyers are an easy and cheaper way to get the word out to a large area. If you dont need to filter or target the list then a zip code mailing list might be right for you.

Targeted Consumer Demographic Flyers

flyer list targeting

A targeted consumer demographic flyer mailing is similar to above as far as geogrpahy but then you can continue to narrow your list down in hundreds of ways like age, income, net worth, home ownership, marital status, presence of kids, length of residence, home value, interests, hobbies, investor attributes, and on and on. If this kind of flyer mailing sounds good then you want a targeted consumer mailing list.

Business to Business Flyers

If you are looking to reach businesses with your flyers then you need a business to business mailing list. Business flyer mailings are a great way to get in front of decision makers and can be a good option for service businesses like window cleaner flyers, commerical roofers, cleaning services and the like. If you are offering legal service or financial services then you will be better off with letter mailing services.

EDDM FlyersSaturation / EDDM Flyers

EDDM flyers, also known as saturation flyers are where you send flyers to every home on a given carrier route. This is a more indescriminate mailing similar to a zip code flyer mailing but drilled down to the carrier route level. EDDM Flyers are a great way to break into new neighborhoods with your service, home improvement, or even a new retail business. With EDDM flyers you actually dont even need a mailing list you just need to know what routes you want. With a saturation mailing list you will have some different options with your mailing and it may be cheaper. best to call to discuss the technical difference here. 

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Flyer Mailing Services FAQ

Will you design my direct mail flyer?

Yes, we have an in house design team as well as premium designers we work with that can design your custom flyer. Having the right flyer design is important to getting the ROI you want from your flyer mailing campaign.

How much does it cost to print and mail my flyer?

Sending direct mail flyers in the 8.5x11 size typically costs around 50 to 80 cents each. That includes the list, printing, folding, sealing, addressing, standard postage and all. The biggest factors in pricing are the quantitiy and the class of postage.

How long does it take to send flyers in the mail?

Mail King USA can print and mail your flyers is just 2-4 days for most jobs. Once delivered to the post office your flyers will be delivered in 2 to 14 days usually, depending on location and postage class.

roofing flyersCan you mail flyers to homes?

Yes. It is important to get a good mailing list so you dont just mail random homes and increase your advertising waste. If you do not have a good mailing list for your flyers, we can help with that. A common list roofers and home remodelers use is a radius mailing list.

Can you mail flyers to businesses?

Yes. It is important to get a good mailing list so you dont mail the wrong businesses and increase your advertising waste. If you do not have a good mailing list for your flyers, we can help with that.

Can you tell me how to send flyers in the mail?

Mail King USA provides end to end printing and mailing services for flyers. We can help you get a mailing list, design, print, and mail your flyers. We can walk your through the whole mailing process so you understand the timeline with your mail.

direct mail flyers puppy supriseWhat else can you send besides flyers in the mail?

Mail King USA is a full service mailhouse providing end to end direct mail solutions from design to delivery. Our most popular mailing services include postcards, letters, snap packs, and flyers.

........Sorry, no puppies : - )

Though we can get a mailing list of dog owners!




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