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Looking For Mail House Services?

mail house services

Setup End to End Direct Mail House Services

Looking for bulk mailhouse service? Printing done and just need it mailed? No problem! Mail King makes your project easy. We have 3 mail houses strategicially located across the country to provide mail fullfillment services for your mailing campaign.

Mail King provides cost effective direct mailing house solutions nationwide. Mailhouse services are great if you already have product printed and just need to get it mailed out. We offer the lowest prices in the industry, fast turn around and regal service all along the way to make your project go smooth and easy.

Get A Quote On Mail House Services


mail-house-servicesNeed Printing For Your Postcard or Letter Mailing? No problem.

If you have not yet printed your material it will usually save you time and money to have your printing and mailing services all done in one place. Give us a call to discuss your printing needs and get a direct mail quote. Learn more about types of mailings below

mailing houses

Mail House Services Typically Include:

  • Ink Jetting / Addressing

  • List Acquisition

  • List clean up

  • NCOA

  • Labels

  • Bagging

  • Sorting for lowest possible postage

  • Bundling

  • USPS paperwork processing

  • Shipping

  • Tracking

  • Mailing

  • Mail Tracking

Because the pieces are already printed, our quality art design and cost effective printing services are not needed, but are available once the on hand inventory is depleted.

Having  all the steps for your direct mail campaign done in one place will save you A LOT of time and money on your future mailings. Be sure to discuss this with us when you call.


mailing houses


Mailhouse FAQ

What does a mail house do?

A full service mailhouse will offer all direct mail marketing services in one place. This may include printing, data or list aquisition, addressing, postage, sorting, mailing, shipping, design work, folding, envelope printing, ink jetting, sealing, packaging and fulfillment services. Often clients will come to us with one of more of these parts completed and we fill in all the gaps. However, it is also very common that we provide all the mailhouse services. 

How much does a mailing service cost?

Pricing for mailing services depends on many factors involved as mentioned above. Also, the number of pieces going out will play a major role in the cost of your mailing services. Mailing letters will generally cost more than postcards but that may not always be the case as snap packs can be cheaper. However, if you have printed stock on hand already and only need ink jetting services then that will obviously be cheaper since we are not printing. Give us a call to discuss your campaign and we can walk through all the components needed and get you accurate pricing. 

Why don’t all direct mailers use mail houses?

While some people do direct mail in house, most major marketers do use mailhouses. Mailhouse services will save you time and money. We have machines and software and large printers that can simply produce mailings fast and cost effectively. While anyone can buy the equipment or software, it is very expense, requires maintenance, and is most often not worth the investment for businesses.

Do your mailing houses offer tabbing (also called wafer sealing)?

Yes, our mailhouse services includes wafer sealing or tabbing where that is needed. We may also recomend other options that do not require wafer sealing or tabbing for your direct mail campaign.

How long will it take your mailhouse to get my piece into the mail?

Our mailhouse services are among the fastest in the country. We can have mailings produced in as littel as 24hrs and usual turn times are only 2-3 days. The expection to this is if we need to order any stock. Be sure to discuss this when you call if you have any special paper or envelope stock needs for your mailing.

Do your mailing house services create and manage a mailing list for me?

Yes, we can get you a mailing list for your mail campaign. There are thousands of ways to filter your list in order to get you the best ROI on your direct mail campaign. We will also sort and clean your list each mailing to be sure it is up to date. If you provide a list to use we can have it cleaned and updated for change of address (NCOA) and provide you with any updates on your customers so you can update your records.

Does your mailing house also offer mailing lists?

Yes, we are a full service mailing list provider. Your direct mail campaign needs quality data in order to get the best response. There are almost endless options on how to target your list. From zip code mailing lists, to targeted demographic lists to business data, we have you covered. Give us a call to discuss your ideal client.

What mailing list format do you use?

.CSV or an excel file is ideal

Can your mailing house send a clean list back to me?

Yes, we can send you the mail file along with any changes or updates on bad records.

What if I have questions about my direct mail house?

We are always just a phone call or email away. If you are new to mailing services then you are sure to have lots of questions. We will take the time to educate you on the whole process if you like or simply make it happen if you care not to know. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

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