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Mass Email Blast Marketing

Mass email marketing, or as I like to call it "Digital Direct Mail", may have a bad taste in your mouth when you think of all that SPAM you get from who knows what country, but there are some very good reasons you may not want to toss this option out of your marketing plan.

If you are looking to buy a mailing list and want to include emails be sure to check out the related page "Mailing Lists" and append emails to any mailing list.

10 Great Reasons To Do Mass or Targeted Email Blast Marketing

Email marketing is DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING. Which means you send it out and you get a direct response. This means you can MEASURE it and thus rather quickly determine its effects on your business and the campaign ROI.

    1. Mass email marketing is DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING. Which means you send it out and you get a direct response. This means you can MEASURE it and thus rather quickly determine its effects on your business and the campaign ROI.

    2. Mass email marketing doesn't have to be mass or generic. "Bulk Email" has come a long way in the past 10 years and can now be quite targeted email. Like direct mail marketing you have the power of big data behind you and just like with targeted direct mail campaigns, you can get a targeted email marketing list for your email blast just the same. 

    3. Mass email marketing gets results. Over the last few years lots of research has been done tracking emails, response rates, conversions and average spend. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) email generates an outstanding $43 for every $1 spent!

    4. A mass email marketing campaign has reach. There are over 3.6 BILLION email accounts worldwide (site) and most people check their email multiple times a day. Email marketing can be effectively used to reach consumers (B2C Email Marketing), or businesses (B2B Email marketing). 

    5. Email marketing is timely. While people usually only go to their mail box a few times a week, people check their email box a few times or much more per day. This means email is very timelly and can be used very effectively to drive time sensitive events or promotions.

    6. Email marketing dirves website traffic. With users already online and just a click away from your website where they can land on a short video, or your contact page, you have a wonderful way to drive lots of new website traffic and hopefully capture user information for further follow up.

    7. A mass email marketing campaign is easy to respond to. See #6 above. Besides the website your customers-to-be are just a "reply" click away from making contact with you and expressing their interest.

    8. Mass email marketing is mobile. With easy access to email on phones these days, you can easily reach your customers on the go where they are at.

    9. Bulk email marketing campaigns can be out FAST. Waited to the last minute? Need to get some promotions out fast? No worries, email marketing is here. Electronic delivery means you can get your email blast out within 1-2 days if needed.

    10. Email marketing campaigns are inexpensive! Compared to other types of media, email is a great way to reach targeted new customers, and to reach them fast. You can easily generate a LOT of traffic to your location or your website without breaking the bank. Bulk, Mass or Targeted email marketing is very low cost usually ranging from just 6-8 cents per email. That includes the list, the creative, the blast, the management, and reporting. 


Starting to think that email marketing will be a valuable part of your marketing plan this year? Give us a call to discuss any questions or get a quote now! 

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Not sure yet? Keep reading....

5 Good Facts About Mass Email Marketing

  1. 54% of emails sent by businesses are marketing messages (Epsilon)

  2. 91% of consumers check their email daily (ExactTarget)

  3. 76% of email opens occur in the first two days after an email is sent (Alchemy Worx)

  4. 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message (Direct Marketing Association)

  5. The average clickthrough rate for B2B marketing emails in Q2 2013 was 1.7% (Epsilon) 


Considerations When Hiring an Email Blast Marketing Services Company

  1. Is the company CAN-SPAM compliant?

  2. Are white listed servers used?

  3. How will the opt-outs be handled?

  4. Will SPAM reports reflect back on my company/servers or yours?

  5. Are the emails double opt in?

  6. What kind of reporting will I get after I send it out? 

Tips For Preparing Your Next Email Blast or Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

digital direct mail

Keep it relevant.

Readers of email are merciless. If your messages are not targeted to their needs, they will quickly delete your message or, worse yet, they may unsubscribe from your email service or mailing list. To increase the relevance of your messages, think about how to make creative connections with what's going on in your readers' world. Possibilities include holiday and seasonal promotions, connections to major news stories and entertainment events.

Optimize text for scan ability.

Remember, most visitors won't read your entire email but will simply scan it, looking for clues to quickly answer their questions. For best results, use short blocks of text and bullets or call to action button make your message easier to scan. A call to action should be visible "above the fold" - that is, within the first screen full of information that the reader will see. Make sure that any links are clearly formatted as clickable links. If you're using images for links, make sure they look clickable as well (for example, a button that contains the words "more information" or "order now").

From Line

• From lines recommended no more than 55 characters (including spaces)
• From line should include your company name or brand
• Use a consistent from line because recipients of mass emails might have white listed you.

Subject Lines Tips For Your Email Campaign

Subject lines- recommend no more than 35 characters (including spaces). This is the most important element in your email campaign below are some tips to help come up with a successful subject line for email campaigns.

Ask a question

Asking a question is a subject line technique that works well because it gives the customer something to think about. Your question should be something on almost every customer's mind. And by opening your email, they're answering that question through their interest. You can even answer the question in your subject line. Here are a few examples of question-type subject lines:

  • Running through too much toner? We can help

  • Need a cool backpack for Fall? We've got 'em

  • Need a better body for summer? This workout works

All of the subject lines above ask a question, give an answer, and all come in under 55 characters. Ask a question and you'll see your open rates improve.

Use the phrase "customer fave(s)" to sate curiosity

Most human beings are at least curious over what other people are buying. If a product has a huge audience and gets tons of good marks from customers, most likely your recipient will be more inclined to buy it. For this reason, we believe that a "customer favorite" product, featured in a subject line, is an easy sell. To make this tactic even more effective, use this phrase in a list subject line.

Make it a list

A list is an easy way to offer something of value, sell a product or service, and not seem too obvious about it. A list gives a customer a subconscious message that your email is organized in a way that makes it an easy read. They'll be more compelled to open your email if they know ahead of time that they'll not be facing a wall of text. Add products or services to this list and you'll not only get them interested in opening your email, but you can showcase various products at the same time. Here are some good examples:

  • Top 5 customer favs for Spring

  • 10 products you can't live without

  • 3 ways to save money on toner

 Bulk Email Marketing Triggers for Spam Filters 

Avoid usage of the following words in the subject line and body of your own email messages.


• affordable

• guaranteed

•  exclamation marks !

• reasonable priced

• new – improved

• $$

• bargain

• special invitation

• 100%

• best

• what are you waiting for

• free mortgage

• congratulations

• while supplies last

• limited time

• free

• discount

• click here!

• no cost

• winner

• click here now!

• no fee

• you have been selected

• act now

• no obligation



Other SPAM Filter Triggers


• single image emails
• low ratio of text to images


Is Email Blast Marketing SPAM?

When we do e-mail marketing, we follow all CAN-SPAM e-mail practices. This means that with every e-mail we send, we give recipients an easy way to be removed from the mailing list. It also means we follow certain guidelines when acquiring e-mail addresses and even keep the source and date of addition for every e-mail we have. Finally, with e-mail marketing we use "white listed" servers, meaning servers that have been tagged as acceptable by the main internet providers. This results in a higher percentage of our mail getting to the inbox, rather than the junk mail box.

How Do You Get The Email Addresses?

Let me start by saying we do not partake in e-mail farming (using automated programs to scour the internet and grab any e-mail addresses they find). Instead, we gather e-mail addresses legitimately, in a manner similar to how one may acquire direct mail addresses – when a person volunteers their contact info. For e-mail, this can happen then a user signs up for a website (think Expedia or The form they fill out often includes a check box allowing users to opt out of receiving e-mails from the site's partners. These websites sell newly acquired names on a weekly basis to reputable e-mail marketing companies.

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