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Mail Tracking Services

accutrace logoTrack the distribution and the results of your direct mail marketing campaigns with Mail King when you setup call tracking or mail tracking. Tracking gets you the most from your mailings and puts you in the driver seat for your campaign ROI analysis. Feel confident in every dollar you spend when you setup both call and mail tracking.

Call Tracking Services With Mailings

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At Mail King we make tracking your direct mail marketing results easy.

If you aren't tracking incoming sales calls, odds are you're spending more than you should on your marketing campaigns. The truth is, if you're not using call tracking, you have no idea how effective your advertising really is.

Call Tracking captures every caller's phone number & location, identifies the advertising source and records calls for review, enabling you to return missed calls and recapture lost leads.

Use Call Tracking to determine your baseline performance, separate true leads from total calls, improve conversion ratios & prevent missed sales opportunities.

With Call Tracking, you will spend less on your advertising and increase sales, it's that simple.

Why Use Call Tracking With Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?

  • Thousands of toll-free, vanity or local tracking numbers that boost brand awareness
  • Maximize your return on marketing investment
  • Improve your conversion of leads to sales
  • Never lose another lead
  • Hear first-hand what your customers are saying and get valuable information to use in your future direct mail campaigns and other marketing materials.
  • Review how well your employees handle leads
  • There's no better tool for improving call-handling skills.

Who Uses Call Tracking Services?

  • Medical Professionals: Dentists, Orthodontists, Optometrists, Cosmetic Surgeons, Hearing Aid Centers, etc..
  • Home Improvement Companies: Roofers, Window Sales, Painters, Remodelers, Solar Companies, HVAC (heating and cooling) Companies, etc...
  • Home Service Companies: Carpet cleaners, Lawn care services, maid services, Home Security, window cleaners, etc...
  • Pretty much any company that depends primarily on the phone to ring with new leads when your direct mail campaign goes out. When the response is made over the phone, you need to have it tracked.

Mail Tracking Servicesaccutrace logo

Track all of your mail from its initial scan until the carrier receives it, and receive updates on the delivery status on the hour. Review 18 job reports to stay on top of your mailings. QR Code tracking provides instant scan results without the need of a shipping receipt.

How much is mail tracking?

Good news! Mail tracking comes free for every Mail King USA client.

Why use mail tracking?

Knowing exactly where your mail is helps with staffing and response expectations. With mail tracking there is no more guessing when your mail reaching its destination. Track all your mail and enjoy full reporting updated hourly.

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