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Church Postcard Mailings

Mail King USA is your Churches one-stop shop for all your postcard mailing needs. Get a list, print, and mail your postcard at the best rates. Fast turnaround times available for those with a time crunch.

Churches benefit greatly from effective postcard mailing strategies. It is common to see postcard mailers trickle into your mailbox throughout the year around key holiday, events, and focused ministries. Check out some of the most popular ideas below.

Popular Postcard Marketing Strategies For Churches

Church Easter PostcardsEaster Service Postcards

Easter postcards along with Christmas postcards are the most commonly type of postcards churches send out. Notify the community about your upcoming Ash Wednesday and Easter service. Easter is the greatest opportunity to bring in seekers, guests, and those who are still struggling to find a good fit for themselves or their family. 

Easter postcards should highlight your service times, give details on location, and tell your audience a little about your church and the service so they can know what to expect. Go with a 5.5x8.5 or 6x11 size postcard in full color. The resurrection is the biggest news in history so in like fashion, go BIG with your Easter postcard and invite people to come hear of the hope they have in Christ.

Church Christmas PostcardsChristmas Eve Service Postcards

Send out postcards to promote your upcoming Christmas Eve service. Tell the community when and where to be and what to expect at your service. Christmas is the second largest opportunity you have all year to attract guests into the church and reach out to those in need during what can be a very difficult season for so many. Invite them to come hear the good news of great joy.  Afterall, it is the reason for the season!

Church vacation bible school VBS postcardsSummer VBS Postcards

Use a targeted mailing list in order to send your postcards only to the homes with kids. Depending on your VBS program, you may want to narrow your mailing list down even further to homes with kids in a certain age range. Tell them all about your VBS program, with times, dates, pictures, and information about how to register.

Marriage Ministry Postcards

Your church can send out postcards to promote your marriage ministry by working with us to get a list of homes with married couples. You can further narrow this by age if you want to specifically reach out to newly married couples who may be working through growing pains. You may also want to add in a filter for families with younger kids which can put extra stress on a marriage. New parents may also have lots of questions about how to raise their kids in the faith and be looking for guidance or mentors. 

New Church Postcards

Part of a church plant? New churches most certainly need to get the word out. While your core group may do a great job spreading the word, don't overlook the power of a simple radius postcard mailing announcing to the community where you are, what you stand for, and when you services are. If you have any outreach ministries early on, be sure to mention this as well.

Church outreach postcardsGuest Speakers & Church Outreach Postcards

Many churches serve their community by acting as a host site for educational speakers, financial workshops, food pantries, clothes closets, mechanic work, firewood, and all sorts of other ministries. Notify the community about upcoming events and ongoing ministries with postcards. Ask about the hundreds of ways you can filter down your churches mailing list to be sure you reach the right audience.

Church Postcard Newsletters

Your church sending monthly or quarterly postcard newsletters is one of the best ways to develop a relationship with the community around your church that you serve most. A church postcard newsletter mailing is a great way to share stories about what God is doing inside your church, tell the community about your outreach events, invite them to come, communicate the phone number for counseling services, and deliver devotional content from God's Word that they may otherwise not be exposed to.

Church Membership Postcard Mailings

Send postcards to church members to notify them of upcoming events, church member meetings (family meetings), upcoming changes to service times, changes or reminders about policies, or to announce changes in leadership / new staff. Postcards to members are one way to develop a culture of good communication in the church and keep everyone informed of important changes.

Get The Best Mailing List For Church Postcards

If you are trying to attract NEW people to your church event then you will want to get a good mailing list. There are hundreds of options available to you, many of which are listed above. From radius mailings to zip code mailings and baby boomers to soccer moms,  we have you covered. Even the most detailed list is available. Check out our page on church mailing lists for more info or give us a call today.

Start Your Churches Postcard Mailings

Give us a call to get quotes and learn about options for your churches postcard plans. Have ideas not listed here? We would love to hear about them and add them to the list.  

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