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Grand Opening Postcard Mailings

Grand Opening PostcardsCongratulations on your new business! You are ready to open your doors and start serving customers. But who will come? How will they know you exist? Why would they come? And what makes you different?

These are good questions and since you have landed on this page, it is likely that you already realize how important it is to communicate the answers to your target market.

This is where Grand Opening Postcard Mailings come in!

Why Send A Grand Opening Postcard?

Communicate the who

Grand opening postcard mailings tell people who you are and maybe even a little bit about your story if you have a new brand.

Communicate the what

Your grand opening postcard should tell the community or your target market what you are selling or offering them. What is the problem your business solves? This is your chance to showcase your products or services. A grand opening postcard highlights what makes your business unique.

Tell people when

Of course, a grand opening postcard would be a bit of a fail if you did not tell people when it was ; - )  Be sure you leave enough time for this. It is a good idea to send a grand opening postcard out at least a month in advance as a "Grand Opening Coming Soon" postcard and then follow it up with an announcement of your "Grand Opening" event date.

coming soon postcards

Tell people why

Why are you different? Why should they spend their hard earned money with you? Why do they need what you offer? If you are a restaurant, a BOGO is a good reason why to try. You must be able to answer the question of "Whats in it for me?"

Generate excitement

A grand opening direct mail is an excellent way to generate excitement amongst your target audience and encourage them to attend your event or to stop by to try out your offering. Tie your mailers in with a social media campaign to create a buzz in the community.

Increase foot traffic

By sending out a grand opening direct mail, you can increase foot traffic to your business, which can lead to more sales and revenue. Of course, this is the whole idea. Get feet through the door (and a line out the door!). Get those ready to buy, get the looky-loos, get anyone so you can start getting the word out. That next lease payment is coming quick!

grand opening postcard mailing services

Build brand awareness

A grand opening direct mail can help build brand awareness by introducing your brand to potential customers and communicating what your brand is all about. Your first impression is critical. A good postcard will go a long way in helping to form your brand in your customers minds. Think colors, logos, tag lies, and selling points.

Offer special promotions

A grand opening postcard can be a way to offer special promotions or discounts to customers who attend the event or visit your business shortly after opening. Whenever possible, always include an coupon! This will help you track the results of your mailing and also give your potential new customers an extra reason to get out of their comfty chair and drive over to your place.

Invite local VIPs

A grand opening postcard can be an excellent way to invite local VIPs such as elected officials, community leaders, and media outlets to attend your event and cover your business's opening. You can also do this directly with phones, emails, and more personal letters.

Looking for ideas for your grand opening event? Check out this list to get your creative juices flowing. 

What Is The Best Size For Postcards for Grand Openings?

If you plan to have a "Grand" Opening then your postcard should be "Grand" as well. Do not waste your time with smaller postcards like the 3x5, 4x6, or 5x7. At the absolute minimum, go with a 5.5x8.5 jumbo postcard. However, for only a few cents more you can get the wonderful 6x11 size card. This size postcard will stand out in the mail far more than other pieces.

In fact, depending on your budget , you may even consider going with the 8.5x11 flat size card. This size will need to mail in the USPS Flat category of postcard and cost a bit more but will be sure to make an impact when it lands. It all comes down to how you want that first impression to go with your future customers.

For more on this topic, check out another article I wrote on what size postcard is most effective .

What Is The Best Mailing List For A Grand Opening Postcard?

grand opening postcard mailing list

This question, of course, depends on what you are offering. There are hundreds of list options available to you. The most common mailing list for an opening postcard starts with a radius mailing list for the geography and then we narrow down the list from there depending on the target demographics. 

The most common demographics for consumer mailings are age, income, presence of kids, and home ownership. However if you are a pizza shop then none of this really matters. If you have a financial investment firm, then you may want to look at net worth, investment properties, disposable income, and age. If you have a home improvement showcase room then you may want to focus more on feature about their home like age of home, home equity, presence of pool, etc...  

Learn more about mailing list options


How Much Do Grand Opening Postcard Mailers Cost?

As you may have gathered by this point, there are lots of options for your grand opening mailers. For this reason, the short answer is that it depends. Usually they will range from 35 to 65 cents each out the door with postage, the mailing list, printing and mailing included. The quantity you send and the list you use will have the biggest impact from your grand opening. 

Give us a call to discuss your plans and we can get you a quick quote on your grand opening postcards.

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