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Postcard Marketing For Restaurants

Fill empty seats in your restaurant with direct mail postcard marketing. There are many benefits to postcard marketing for restaurants.mail marketing postcards restaurants

Why Start a Postcard Marketing Campaign For Restaurants?

  • Increase customer counts

  • Increase average tickets

  • Increase customer frequency

  • Increase word of mouth

  • Location awareness

  • Customer retention

  • Fill empty seats on slow days

  • Get your menu into homes and increase take out and catering orders! 

Best Types of Restaurant Postcard Mailings 

  • Radius mailings: This is where you mail to all, or some, of the homes in a radius around your restaurant location or each location if you have multiple.

  • Targeted consumer mailings: Here you can leverage all the data that is available at the home level in order to mail only the best and most ideal "customers-to-be" around your restaurant. Filter by age, income, presence of kids, disposable income, ethnicity, and much more.

  • New mover mailings: Welcome the new neighbors with a free entree and win a customer for life! Don't miss this massive opportunity.

  • Every door direct mail (EDDM): Saturate carrier routes around your restaurant with coupons or your menu and spend less than other mail types.  

Best Offers on Direct Mail Restaurant Postcards

  • Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (entree)
  • Buy one entree and get second entree half price
  • $5 off order of $10 or more
  • $10 off order of $20 or more
  • 20% off entire ticket
  • Kids eat free
  • Seniors day 50% off
  • $5 lunch special
  • $20 dinner for two special (includes 2 entrees, appetizer and dessert)


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Take Out Menu Mailings

Restaurant marketing postcards include mailing your menu, which may be one of the best things you can do to increase sales at your restaurant business.

  • Menu mailers increase take out volume. 

  • Mail menus to businesses

  • Mail menus to homes nearby

  • Order extra menus with your direct mailing to hand out to local businesses

What Format Are Menus Mailed Usually?

Menus are most commonly mailed out as an 8.5x11 tri-fold, 11x17, or an oversized postcard like a 6x11. Contact us to go over your plan. It will really come down to how many offers you want to have included and how many items you want. You do not need to have every item listed.

Get Started Sending Postcards For Your Restaurant

At Mail King we make direct mail postcard marketing for your restaurant easy. From the design, to the targeted mailing list, to the print and mailing we can handle it all for you so you can focus on what you do best. Give us a call today or submit a contact form and we will be in touch with you to schedule a call to discuss your restaurants goals.




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