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Looking For Snap Pack Mailers?


Snap pack mailers are made from a single piece of paper that is folded and sealed closed with glue on the edges and mailed without an envelope. Custom snap pack mailers feature perforated tear-off ends on either side to look like a rebate check or other official communication.

The unique format of the custom snap pack mailers leads to one of the highest open rates among letter mailers and generates great results for our clients, at an amazing 95%, according to industry studies. Snap packs are a low-cost and highly effective way to use direct mail to generate leads and grow your business. pressure seal mailers / custom snap pack mailers are most well known in mortgage marketinginsurance marketing, and the loan industry, but are used effectively in others as well.

Mail King USA offers end-to-end custom snap pack printing and mailing services at the best rates in the nation. From design to delivery, we make it easy.

Custom Snap Pack Mail Options

check snap pack template

Color / BW Snap Packs

The most basic option you will have with your custom snap pack mailers is whether or not to use color or stick with the black-and-white format. Color typically gets a better response but the black/white format can have more of an impact as an official notice. 

Snap Pack Mail Sizes

Most snap pack mail are either 8.5x11 or 8.5x14 size. However, we also have 4.25 x 6 postcard-size snap-pack mailers.

Snap Pack Mail Format Options

The most common snap pack mail formats are Trifold, C Fold, or z fold snap pack mailers. The 8.5x14 forms may come with a built-in return envelope and also the popular check snap versions. When choosing a snap pack format you may also choose to have a window or non window format similar to an envelope.

Check Snap Pack Mailers

Check snap mails have a window that allows a faux check to show through. This snap mailer format is commonly used by banks to sell loans or mortgage companies to show the value of a refinance. Check snaps are usually done in color with the check in a blue color and the company logo in color.

Snap Pack Mail Services Include

 Mailing List / Lead Acqusition (if needed)  Snap Pack Mailing Fulfillment
 List processing & data management / NCOA / Cleanup  Optimal Postage Savings
 Snap Pack Mailer Design  Fast service, no rush charges. (1-3 days!)        
 Snap Pack Printing  Snap Mailer Tracking


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Popular Strategies For Snap Pack Mailers

Snap pack mailerMortgage Snap Mailers

Mortgage snap pack direct mailers are likely the most popular use of this snap pack mail services format. Common approaches are for lead generation on trigger mailer campaigns, refinance mailers, cash-out refi mailers, HELOC mailers, and new purchase trigger mailers for second opinions. Clients will use both color and b/w approaches. Letters range from detailed to overly simplistic just to get the phone call.

Insurance Snap Packs

Insurance snap pack direct mailers tend to be more on the simplistic side. Mortgage insurance is one of the most popular uses and snap packs leverage information about the home loan to get the phone to ring to a call center to close the lead. 

Loan Check Snap Mailers

Check snaps are great for banks offering business or personal loans. However, check snaps are commonly used by mortgage companies to communicate the value someone has in their home and how they access it with a HELOC or cash-out refi.

Snap Pack Printing & Mailing Costs

Snap pack mailer costs including list and postage typically range from 35-65 cents each depending on your volume, frequency, list type, snap pack paper, and postage class. Call to discuss options or get a quote now.

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