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Direct Mail Marketing for Dentists

Why is Direct Mail A Great Way To Grow Your Dental Business?

Postcard marketing for dentist bigstock-Dentist-5981471The dental industry isn't just about medical care for your patient's teeth. It's also about developing lifelong patrons who'll choose you over your competitors. While tools like social media and advertising are great, they're not effective in growing a small dental business, especially considering the immense competition you have in your field.

This is where direct mail comes in.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail refers to any type of physical mail – postcards, flyers, thank you notes, brochures, newsletters, etc. – which you mail directly to your prospects and existing customers. Direct mail marketing for dentists is an excellent way to grow your dental practice. Here we look at a few reasons why:

Five reasons to implement direct mail marketing today

1. It is a very personable form of communication
There is nothing more personal than receiving a letter from a brand you've recently purchased from. When you send direct mail to your existing customers (especially in the form of a thank you note), it shows them how much you care about them. It will endear them to you and increase chances of return visits.

Even when you haven't done business with them yet, direct mails can help you stand out from the competition by giving you an opportunity to introduce your dental practice to the prospect.

2. You can give customized offers to your prospects
Since dental practices are often geography-bound, direct mail can be much easier to implement and more effective than other types of marketing. Direct mailers, in particular, are an excellent way to provide customized or seasonal offers to prospects and existing customers.

For example, if there's a local party or event organized in your neighborhood, you can send a direct mailer a few days in advance, advertising teeth whitening services. You can offer special "New Year" offers or "Christmas Special Prices" to them.

If it's an existing client, you can send them a special "Birthday Discount" that they can avail anytime in their birth month. Dental-themed birthday postcard marketing works great here.

3. It's a great tool to market your diverse services to the entire family
bigstock-Targeted Direct-Mail-Postcard-Marketing-words-arrow-b-65611192Imagine you use social media for advertising your dental practice. There is no guarantee that the person who sees this social media ad will share your advertisement with his/her family. Well, there's no guarantee this person will see your ad themselves.

But with direct mail, you're bound to get eyeballs. Your flyer or brochure is certain to pique someone's curiosity. Even if the person reading your direct mail doesn't need any dental care, they might know a family member or a friend who does. The physical marketing material provides a very powerful encouragement to prospective customers to seek your services.

4. It can help bring back lost customers
Effective direct mails can engage disengaged customers as well. For example, sharing an information-rich newsletter that explains common dental conditions and how they can be solved is a great way to grow customers' interest in your business. Your knowledge will increase their trust in your brand, and they might even consider switching back to you as their dental care provider.

Plus, when you continue to send them letter mailings long after they stop visiting your clinic, you show that they still matter to you. This can be a powerful incentive to bring back lost customers.

5. It has a great ROI potential
Direct mail isn't expensive. In fact, at Mail King USA, we run custom direct mailings for dentists that start at just $500 per mailing. We have plans to suit every need and budget. Our direct mail marketing campaigns have the potential to generate a solid ROI for your office.

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