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The Power Of Letter Mailers

power of letter mailersLetter mailers wield a timeless and underestimated power to sell goods and services, generate leads, build your brand, cultivate customer relationships, and deliver a massive ROI over the long run. So why aren't more businesses mailing letters on a regular basis?

Why Are Letter Mailers Underestimated? 

  • Cost: Sending letters can be expensive, especially when compared to sending emails or using social media for marketing. It requires printing, postage, and envelopes which can be costly. Many businesses simply don't have the marketing budget to invest it some of the best marketing channels like direct mail.
    • The same thing keeps most businesses away from TV, Radio, and billboards. The funny thing is, this high barrier to entry is what helps make letter marketing so effective! Less competition means better response and more credibility for those that can afford this powerful option.
  • Time-consuming: Sending letters requires time to prepare and send, which could be spent on other marketing activities that yield quicker results. 
    • outsource letter mailings Many businesses know the power of letter mailers but they try to cut corners and save money by running their direct mail letter campaigns in house.
    • The truth though is that it rarely works out that way. I get calls all the time from busineseses who are finally fed up with their best efforts to produce quality mailings on a consistent basis. They lack a dedicated direct mail staff and the employees hired for others reasons have to find time to get these done when not busy doing other important company activities. Outsourcing bulk letter mailers to an experienced bulk mailing service like Mail King USA solves this problem.
  • Response rate: Letters may not get opened or generate the type of response expected so the company quickly gives up. 
    • The truth is that low response can happen with any type of marketing and for a whole host of reasons. A bad mailing list will ruin your letter mailer campaign. A poorly designed letter, not using taglines, poor quality material, bad letter copy, lack of consistency, bad timing, a weak offer, low demand, and a companies own bad reputation are all things that can torpedo your letter mailer response rates.
    • Solve these issues by working with an experienced letter mailhouse. Test and learn. Don't give up and you will soon enter the promised land of gold letter mailing ROI while your competitors scurry to try and catch up!
  • Environmentally unfriendly: With the increasing concerns about climate change and the environment, businesses may choose to switch to digital marketing methods, which are supposedly more eco-friendly.

Selling Goods & Services With Letter Mailers

Letter mailers sell goods and services in uniquely powerful ways. A letter mailer comes in an envelope and you might be suprised how much you can actually fit in that envelope. Your letter may have 1 or 2 sides, there may be 1-2-3 or even 4 or more pages folded up in that envelope. You might also insert a business card, a flyer, or even a letter opener, a polishing cloth or other branded item to help build a lasting impression. More space to tell your story will help sell your companies goods and services unlike any other option in the marketplace.

letter mailers generate leads Generate Leads With Letter Mailers

With all the unique options available to you with letter mailings, you have powerful ways to generate a steady source of leads. The best companies already know this and send direct mailers out on a regular basis as their number one source of leads. Simpy put, letter mailers make the phone ring. It is just a numbers game. Find the right letter, send it to the right list, and watch the phones light up. Work on your conversion rates with your sales reps and it becomes like printing money. With the added option of using QR codes, mobile integration, and internet lead capture, you have more ways than ever to connect with your audience through the letter mailer and generate that lead.

Build Your Brand With Letter Mailers 

A letter mailer can help to build your brand better than most options today. Mailers have space to tell your story, space for pictures, can be hyper personalized, and delivered to a targeted mailing list of people who are already most likely to be interested in what you offer. Build your brand credibility by going with top notch paper and envelope stock. Experiment with larger size envelopes, like wedding invitation style mailers, or even a 9x12 envelope with a classy unfolded letter inside on resume paper. 

Forge Long Lasting Relationships Sending Letter Mailers

Letter mailings build relationships because they are personal, you have space to tell your story in great detail, and you capture the time and attention of your ideal customers. As they stand there reading your letter, you are sewing seeds that will blossom into a long and fruitful relationship. Use your letter to talk to them about how you understand their problems and what you can  do to help solve them. Include a little something extra in the envelope like a business card, an envelope opener, a magnet, or a polishing cloth to leave a lasting impression and a physical reminder around the home.

Letter Mailer Services ROIProduce A Massive ROI With Consistant Letter Mailings

Now you know the secret power of letter mailers. Take advantage of less competition when you mail letters, save time by outsourcing your letters, get a solid response from you letters by working with a pro, sell your goods and services, build your brand, and forge long lasting relationship with your future customers. All that is left is to do it consistently. Get the absolute best ROI on your letter mailings when you send mailers consistantly. Repetition reaps response. Repetition continues to build that relationship. And don't  keep sending the same mailer to the same person over and over. Be sure to assume that they have read it and add in new information in order to help them along the sales process.

Get Started Sending Letter Mailers Today

Mail King USA offers end to end bulk letter mailer services. From data to delivery we have you covered. As a one stop direct mailhouse, getting started with letter mailers is easy. Give us a call today to discuss your campaign goals, talk about options, and get quotes.

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