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Automotive Direct Mail Marketing

Postcard Marketing for Automotive Businesses

Grow your automotive business with an automotive direct mail marketing campaign. There are many benefits to direct mail marketing for automotive businesses

Why Direct Mail Marketing For Auto Shops? 

auto shop direct mail marketing postcards automotive repair

  • Increase car counts
  • Increase average tickets
  • More referrals
  • Brand your neighborhood
  • Get better customers
  • Location awareness
  • Customer retention


Expanding Your Reach with an Automotive Direct Mail Campaign

Innovative Postcard Designs: Elevate your automotive shop or dealership's brand identity with unique and eye-catching postcard designs. Incorporate high-quality images of your shop, staff, or happy customers alongside your services. This visual appeal not only captures attention but also creates a lasting impression of your shop’s professionalism and friendliness.

Personalization: Boost response rates by personalizing your postcards. Use customer names and vehicle details to create a sense of personal care. For instance, a postcard for your direct mail marketing efforts saying, "John, is your 2015 Honda Civic due for a check-up?" feels more engaging than a generic message.

Special Milestone Offers: Celebrate customer milestones with special offers. For instance, dealers may send a discounted service offer on the one-year anniversary of their first visit or their vehicle's purchase date. These thoughtful gestures enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat business from your automotive marketing campaign.

Service Reminders: Use coupons or postcards as service reminders. For example, remind customers when it's time for their tire rotation, oil change, or annual inspection. This proactive approach helps in maintaining regular customer engagement and demonstrates your commitment to their vehicle's health.

Educational Tips: Include helpful automotive industry tips or facts on your postcards. Educating customers about simple maintenance tips or vehicle care can position your shop as a helpful and knowledgeable authority in the automotive field.

Event Promotions: Use automotive direct mail to promote special events at your shop, like open houses, service clinics, sales or new service launches. This not only drives foot traffic but also strengthens community ties.

Exclusive Discounts: Offer exclusive discounts for recipients of your postcards. For instance, 'Present this postcard to your partner and receive 20% off your next service.' Exclusive offers can be a powerful incentive for customers to choose your shop over competitors.

Social Media Integration: Encourage customers to connect with your shop on social media platforms through your postcards. Include your social media handles and offer a small discount for customers who follow your pages. This strategy enhances your own digital marketing presence and builds a community around your brand.

Testimonials and Reviews: Feature customer testimonials or reviews on your postcards. Positive feedback from satisfied customers builds trust and credibility with potential customers and prospects.

Multi-Service Promotions: Offer bundled service packages at a discounted rate. For example, combine an oil change, tire rotation, and brake check at a special price. These packages provide customers with comprehensive care while increasing your revenue per visit.

Environmentally Friendly Options: Offer eco-friendly services or promotions, such as discounts on electric vehicle maintenance or recycling programs for old parts. This appeals to environmentally conscious consumers and aligns your company or brand with sustainability efforts.

Follow-up Campaigns: Implement follow-up postcard campaigns to thank customers for their visit and invite them back. Personalized thank-you messages can foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Best Types of Automotive Direct Mail for Automotive Shops

  • Radius mailings: This is where you mail to all, or some, of the homes in a radius around your location or each location if you have multiple.

  • Targeted consumer mailings: Here you can leverage all the data that is available in order to mail only the best and most ideal "customers-to-be" around your shop. Filter by age, income, vehicle type, vehicle age, truck/RV owners, hobbies, and much more.

  • New mover mailings: Welcome the new neighbors with a free oil change and win a customer for life! 

  • Every door automotive direct mail (EDDM): Saturate carrier routes around your shop and spends less than other mail types. 

Best Automotive Direct Mail Postcard Offers for Automotive Shops

  • Buy 1 Get 1 FREE oil change 

  • Low price oil change

  • $10 off oil change

  • $$ Off any service ($20 off, $50 off, $100 off, etc..)

  • FREE check engine light inspection

  • FREE "funny noise" check

  • FREE brake inspection

  • A/C system check for $20

At we make your direct to mailer and postcard marketing for your auto shop easy. From the design to the targeted mailing list, to the print and mailing we can handle it all for you so you can focus on what you do best. Give us a call today or submit a contact form and we will be in touch with you to schedule a call to discuss your specific business goals for your automotive direct mail marketing campaign.


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