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Dental Postcard Marketing Services

Dental / Dentist Postcards 

Grow your dental practice with direct mail postcard marketing. As you probably already know, there are many benefits to postcard marketing for dental offices. Mail King USA provides end to end direct mail postcard marketing from design to delivery. We make it easy!

Why Dental Postcards Marketing For Dental Offices?

Dentist Postcards Get More Dental Patients!

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Dental marketing postcards bring in new patients to replace those lost..

Dental Marketing Postcards Get Better Patients.

Dental postcards can be targeted to demographics that better fit your goals.

Use Dental Postcards To Get More Referrals.

Dental postcards build trust and can remind patients to refer others. Promoting a referral campaign is always a good idea as well.

Postcards Can Increase Average Spent On Dental Work

Target your mailing list to certain incomes and bring in patients who spend more on optional work.

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Brand Your Practice With Dentist Postcards

Use postcard dental marketing to build trust, inform patients about offerings, and build your overall brand.

Use Postcard Marketing For Location Awareness

Even if you have been there for 20 years, you would be shocked how many people dont know you exist. Even if they drive by the office every day!

Use Postcards To Introduce New Dentistry Services

Many of your patients may have no idea about optional cosmetic services, or changes to insurance coverage. Keep the informed.

Announce A New Dentist

Send a postcard with the new dentists picture and help build new relationships.

Get Dental Postcard Quotes

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Best Postcard Marketing Strategies For Dental Offices

Radius Postcard Mailings For Dentists

This is where you mail to all, or some, of the homes in a radius around your location.

Targeted Consumer Postcard Mailings For Dentists

Here you can leverage all the data that is available in order to mail only the best and most ideal "customers-to-be". Filter by age, income, home owners, presence of kids, net worth, hobbies and much more.

New Mover Postcard Mailings For Dentists

Welcome the new neighbors with a free cleaning coupon and win a patient for life!

Every Door Direct Mail Postcards (EDDM) For Dentists

Saturate carrier routes you want to focus on the most around your dental office and spend less than other mail types.

Loyalty Mailing Postcards (Database) For Dentists

Mail your growing list of patients on a regular basis and keep them coming back again and again. Sell them on optional services. Insulate them from the competition!

Grand Opening Postcard Mailings For Dental Offices

Let them know who you are, where you are, why your office is better, and give them a good incentive to come check you out. This may be a discount or it may include food or entertainment for the kids!

Get Dental Postcard Quotes & Options

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Affordable Direct Mail Options For Dentists

We offer numerous dental direct mail options for dental care professionals, including periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, and general dentists.

  • Bulk Mail – We can help you send out direct mail pieces to a certain designated area with discounted bulk rate postage.

  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) – EDDM allows businesses to send large direct mail postcards to specific neighbourhoods at discounted rates.

  • New Movers MailingsNew mover mailers can help you to grab the attention of the new neighbours who have just moved into your area. Replace the one who moved away.

Best Direct Mail Marketing Offers For Dental Offices (Pediatric, Orthodontic)

  • $49 exam (or other highly discounted rate), X-rays, and cleaning. This is the go-to offer to bring in new patients.

  • FREE teeth whitening for life. With new patient exam and cleaning (must be current patient)

  • $100 credit toward any work done

  • FREE exam - infants up to 18 months old (Pediatric dental marketing)

  • FREE spin brush for new patients

  • $500 off orthodontic treatment (Orthodontists)

  • $1,000 off invisalign (Orthodontists)

  • Gift cards for referrals.

Dental / Dentistry Postcard Marketing FAQ

What Is Dental Direct Mail Postcard Marketing?

Dental direct mail marketing with postcards is one of the most powerful ways to grow your dental practice. People have one place they live yet have many, many, email addresses or websites they visit. Even more, you can target people by how close they live to your practice. And it doesn't stop there, you can target by age, income, presence of kids, net worth, and hundreds of other selects. This allows you to hyper focus your marketing on just the right people in order to grow precisley the types of services you want. Get more of the exact kind of customers you want. 

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How Is Dental Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Effective?

Dental postcard marketing is effective becuase you can reach just the right audience and reach them at their homes around your office. Direct mail is physical and has a long shelf life compared to digital options which are gone in a flash or the tap of the delete key. Direct mail postcards are the equivilent of putting a billboard on the families kitchen table! Dental offices often use direct mail in order to target new movers. Even more, stand alone postcards allow your business to get all the focus rather than sharing it with a bunch of other local companies. 

Why Do Dental Offices Need Direct Mail Postcard Marketing?

It has been reported that 20% of your patients are moving every year. This mean you have holes in the bucket you are tyring to fill. You have only a few options for how you will do this. Setting up a new mover camapign to replace those 20% is a good starting place. From there you might do an EDDM campaign in order to reach the homes closet to your office - maybe 3 or 5 miles at the most. EDDM or saturation mailings allow you to get the cheapest rates on postage and stay in front of your priority market on a regular basis.

Is Dental Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Cost-Effective?

Yes! When you consider the lifetime value of a dental patient (see below), the investment in sending direct mailers out on a regular basis is negligable. Mailers usually run only 30 to 60 cents out the door. The key is consistency and making good offers in order to get people in the door so you can build the relationship. 

"Derek Naylor, a dentist practice consultant, claims a slightly more optimistic estimate at $22,000 for the average lifetime value of a dental patient. At the top of the spectrum, True Dental Success believes that the customer lifetime value of a dental patient falls around $45,000 over a 20-year lifetime!"

What Size Dental Postcards Do You Offer?

We can print and mail any size card. However, the most common sizes are 4x6, 5.5x8.5, and 6x11. If you go the EDDM route I recommend 6x12. We also do letters if you want to take a more personal approach and intrudce yourself and what makes your office different. You might also check out this article on What Size Postcard Is Most Effective?

Setup Postcard Marketing For Your Dental Office 

At Mail King we make your direct mail postcard marketing for your dental practice easy. From the design, to the targeted mailing list, to the print and mailing we can handle it all for you so you can focus on what you do best.

Give us a call today or submit a contact form and we will be in touch with you to schedule a call to discuss your specific business goals.


Give us a call today or submit a contact form and we will be in touch with you to schedule a call to discuss your specific business goals.

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