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Landscaping Postcard Marketing

Landscaping Postcard Marketing ServicesGrow your landscaping business with postcard marketing. The landscaping industry is booming with growth averaging 5.3% per year. Use targeted postcard mailings to grow your landscape installation business by getting more of your best customers.

Mail King USA provides end to end postcard mailing services for landscaping companies. From design to delivery, we make it easy! Have your landscaping postcard campaign up and running in under a week. Give us a call today to get quotes and options.

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Landscaping Postcard mailers

Why Use Landscaping Postcards?

Get More Landscaping Customers

Postcards get the word out so they know you exist. Let them know why they should call you instead of the competition. Show them how you can help their landscaping dream come true. Offer them a no risk next step so you can build the relationship.

landscaping marketing strategiesGet More Landscape Installation Customers In The Same Neighborhood

Birds of a feather flock together. Leverage your vehicle signage and yard signs by sending postcards and getting more customers. Soon you will have the whole neighborhood talking about you. You will also save time by keeping your crew in the same area.

Get More Of Your Best Customers

Using a highly targeted mailing list with your postcards will ensure that you only mail to your ideal and prequalified landscaping prospects.

Cross/Up Sell Your Landscaping Services

Send postcards to your existing customers and promote other landscaping services in order to get more business from those who know you best.

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Landscaping Postcard Marketing Strategies

Landscaping Postcard MarketingRadius Postcard Mailings For Landscapers

This is where you mail to all, or some, of the homes in a radius around your current job sites. If you are in the neighborhood already, they have seen your truck or yard sign. Capitalize on this and send a postcard to close the deal. Oh yeah, be sure your clients yard looks amazing before you send it or this approach may backfire!

Targeted Consumer Mailings

Here you can leverage all the data that is available in order to mail only the best and most ideal "customers-to-be". Filter by age, income, home owners, home sqft, net worth, age of home, disposable income, credit, hobbies, interests, and much more.

New Mover Postcard Mailings 

New movers are especially important for landscapers. When people first move into their homes they like to make changes. This often involves the yard. Get more landscape installation business with new mover postcard mailings. Welcome new neighbors with a free bonus service or other offer and win a customer for life!

landscaper marketing strategiesEvery Door Direct Mailers (EDDM)

Saturate carrier routes you want to focus on the most and spend less on postage than other mail types. EDDM mailers are great when your landscaping services are just breaking into a new neighborhood and need to get the word out. However, call us to run an analysis to see how many renters there are in the area. It may be better to go the more targeted route and avoid a lot of advertising waste.

Loyalty Mailings (Database)

Mail your growing list of landscaping customers on a regular basis and keep them coming back again and again. Insulate them from the competition! Upsell them on other services you offer and get more from each relationship. Do surveys to find opportunities for needs you may not be aware of. Landscape lighting, pest control, tree services, pruning, spreading mulch, irrigation, leaf clean up, mosquito services, pressure washing, and other such services that might be easy add-ons while your team is already on the property.

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landscaping marketing strategies

Landscaping Postcard Marketing Tips

lawn care postcard marketing ideasUse A Strong Postcard Headline

Your headline is your opportunity to grab the reader and gain more valuable time with them!  A good headline will get the reader’s attention immediately, get them to read more, and create value in the mind of the consumer. It may start to answer the question of "What problem of mine are you solving?" Try asking a question in the headline or making a bold statement.

Make A Strong Offer (Roll Out The Green Carpet!)

The purpose of the direct mail campaign is to sell, to persuade them to action. Get to the point and tell them what to do and why they should do it. Offer them an incentive to get over any hesitations. Make it too good to pass up or don't waste your time. 

      • landscaping post cards mailersFREE No obligation consultation and quote. 
      • FREE landscape design (Basic CAD) Give them a taste of what you can do. No strings attached.
      • $500 Off (10% off your project up to $500 value)
      • All plants have 2 year guarantee
      • FREE tree intalled with any stonework done
      • FREE fish with any pond installed
      • FREE landscape lighting with any work done over $5,000

Keep Landscape Postcard Ad Copy Simple

Your copy should be easy to read, hook the customer with valuable information, and educate the customer about your product or service. Your copy must landscaping postcards tell your customer what action you want them to take - Call Now!.  Testimonials sell; use them in your landscaping ad! Talk about their neighbors!

Use A Great Landscaped Yard Picture

Postcard marketing relies upon a strong visual punch. Try a before and after or just showcase one of your best installs. Make them want it! No cheap photos here. Pay a professional or use a stock photo if you must. 

Mail Frequently To Your Best Prospects

If you’re only going to mail once, don’t mail at all. The key to successful landscape postcard mailers is frequency. Each time they see it you are planting a seed in their mind. Eventually they will get tired of just dreaming about their yard and give you a call you to come out and get it on paper. Don't just mail them in spring and fall. Keep them thinking about it all year.

Use A Targeted Postcard Mailing List

There are literally thousands of mailing list options. Find out as much as you possibly can about your ideal customer, make that your mailing list landscaping post cardsblueprint, and then go get more of them! Some things to consider:

• Age • Income • Marriat status • Kids • Net worth • Home value • Home equity • Sqft of home • Length of residence • Hobbies • Buying behavior • PC owner • Business owner • Religion • Veteran • Occupation • Travel activity

Leverage Your Targeted Mailing List To Personalize Postcards

Buying a targeted list will allow you to tailor your landscaping postcards exactly to that person, increasing your response rates dramatically. Variable data personalization can get more results than mass efforts response rates increase 34% on average. Not only text but graphics can be personalized based on the mailing list!

landscape installation postcards Go Big With Your Landscaping Postcards

Don’t jump over dollars to save pennies. 3x5, 4x6 and 5x7 postcards are for loyalty mailings only NOT new customer acquisition. You need room to showcase your picture, include a testimonial or three, make a value proposition, highlight their problem, show them how you solve it, make a strong offer they cant refuse and include all your contact information. You need room to do all this!! Spend some money and show them you are a professional. Go 5.5x8.5 or 6x11.  For more on this check out our article on What Size Postcard Is Most Effective?

Setup Landscaping Postcard Mailing Services

Mail King USA makes setting up postcard mailings for your Landscape Installation business easy. From design to delivery in under a week. Call for quotes and options.

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