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Saturation Mailing Lists & EDDM

Every Door Direct Mail Printing Saturation Mailing Lists

EDDM mailing list service

A saturation mailing list means that you are mailing at least 90% of the addresses on a given mail carrier route. An every door direct mail saturation mailing list is not the same as a zip code mailing list. These two lists are often confused for one another. A zip code mailing is when you mail every address in a given zip code. So a saturation list, perhaps better understood then as a carrier route mailing, is, or at least can be a sub-segment of a zip code mailing.

When To Do Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Printing & Mailing

At Mail King we are big fans of utilizing the vast amounts of data available to run powerful and effective direct mail campaigns. Targeted data (as opposed to saturation) minimizes waste, thus saving you money, and so increasing your campaign ROI drastically. However, in some cases, saturation mailings, or every door direct mail type programs, are the way to go. In reality it all comes down to the numbers.

  • PRO: Using a saturation mailing list means you qualify for saturation postage. That's a good thing for every door direct mail printing! This postage class of mail is about 9 cents cheaper than a highly targeted mailing
  • CON: If all the addresses mailed are do not meet the criteria to be your customer then you have waste. That's a bad thing!

So, it's all about ROI? Right! Well, the last part of that equation is "Investment" So if your target market represents a large enough percentage of a carrier route in order that the savings on postage is greater than the waste on bad addresses then it a go! If not, then go with the targeted mailing list

You will end up paying more in postage per piece, but less overall, plus you know that everyone who gets your mailer is prequalified to be one of your best customers (aka no waste!)

Best Businesses For Saturation Mailings | Every Door Direct Mail Postcards (EDDM)

  • Restaurants
  • Dry cleaners
  • Hair salons
  • Nail salons
  • Automotive shops
  • Most fitness centers (ie..cross fit gym or boxing club not a good fit)
  • Tax accountants
  • Dentists
  • Urgent care
  • Banks
  • Chiropractors
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Many types of retail though this is on a case by case basis depending on what you sell. 
  • Recreation (golf, bowling, fun parks, dance classes, sports teams, theaters, etc..)

eddm list every door direct mail postcardsEDDM, aka "every door direct mail"

Every door direct mail (EDDM) has made saturation by carrier route mailings very popular recently. In reality, this type of mailing has been around for a long time with direct mail house companies like Mail King. In fact, when you work with a company like Mail King, you will actually be able to get cheaper postage rates then you can with the EDDM (every door direct mail), program available to small business owners. And that is not the least of it. Other benefits of working with a mail house on your every door direct mail campaign (EDDM) instead of doing it yourself include:

  • Cheaper printing (money saver)
  • Save on shipping the printed pieces to your place (money saver)
  • No limitations on the quantity you can mail each day (strategic benefit)
  • You don't have to bundle (time saver)
  • You don't have to drive it down to the post office (time saver)
  • We can do every door direct mail (EDDM) anywhere in the country for you (huge strategic benefit)

Does a saturation mailing, or every door direct mail, sound like a good fit for your business? Have some questions? Wanted to get started? Either way, contact Mail King today to discuss your business needs and we will steer you in the right direction.

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Saturation and EDDM Direct Mail FAQ

Do you offer printing and mailing services for EDDM?

Yes, we are a full service mailhouse that provides printing and mailing services for EDDM, saturation mailing, postcards, letters, or just about anything else you can think of.

Are you a saturation mailing list provider?

Yes, we can provide a saturation mailing list for your campaign. We can also explore if a more targeted consumer mailing list would be generate a better ROI for you. There are thousands of ways to filter lists now so that you can eliminate advertising waste!

Do you offer bulk postcard mailing services?

Mail King USA provides end to end bulk mail services. Bulk postcards or mass letter mailings are processed every day. Contact us to get a direct mail quote.

Do you provide a mailing list for my direct mail campaign? 

As a full service mail house we can provide you with a quality data to help you get the most out of your mailings. Contact us to discuss the type of list you have in mind. Who are you ideal customers? Find what your best customers have in common and let us know. If you can think of it, we can likely target it!  Pets? Kids? Hobbies? You name it!

Is EDDM the same as a saturation mailing? 

EDDM is not the same as a saturation mailing though they is much overlap. See the article on this page for more information. EDDM has limitations that saturation mailings do not.

Will you provide EDDM mailing service for me? 

Yes! If you want to do EDDM mailers but dont want to spend all the time printing, bunlding, lableing, and going down to the post office, then give us a call. Generally, businesses that want to send more than 500 postcards will outsrouce this to us. It is also much more cost effective once you get to higher volumes. Machines work faster and cost less than your employees. Put them to work doing something more impactful for your business like follow up phone calls, visits, sales, or social media postings.

Do I need a mailing list for my EDDM mailing? 

Every door direct mail does not require a list. There is a special indicia used and postcards are bundled and labeled at the route level. You just pick the carrier routes you want and let us know. We will take care of the printing and mailing portion for you.

Anti-targeting saturation mailingsWhen we first introduced our Anti-Targeting product, not surprisingly it started out small. Heck, it took marketers decades to take full advantage of targeted mail. People saw Anti-Targeting as a novelty, something that was unproven.

Until now.

500+ Anti-Targeting orders later, and it’s really starting to catch on. Many of our most prolific marketers and mailers have doubled-down and doubled their business by using Anti-Targeting as a selling point. If you haven’t gotten on the Anti-Targeting bandwagon, it’s not yet too late to turn your Occupant/Saturation business into the best ROI you’ve ever had.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • What is Anti-Targeting with Saturation Mailings?

    Anti-Targeting is used with Saturation lists, or in place of EDDM to maintain Saturation postage, while removing the worst prospects. 

  • What makes it different from traditional targeting with direct mail?

    With targeting, typically you are purchasing a Consumer list with specific demographics and are not as worried about overall postage. With Anti-Targeting, postage is still the most important factor in the list, but records are trimmed based on poor performing demographics. 

  • What is an example of Anti-Targeting?

    With our Response Booster product, we can remove households in the bottom 5% of income in a zip, or households where everyone is 80+ in age. These are the two lowest performing demographics in terms of response rates. 

  • How does it affect direct mail results?

    Our clients have told us Anti-Targeting has significantly increased results while adding between .25% to 1% to a mailing’s overall cost. It is a no-brainer for almost any Saturation mailing job. 
  • How does it compare to EDDM direct mailings?

    Our clients have been using it to sell against EDDM because of its superior results. Also, Saturation with Response Boosters has a lower postage rate than EDDM.

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