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Political Campaign Direct Mail Postcards

political postcards campaign mailers

Political Postcard Campaign Mailing Services

Political postcard mailers are the bread and butter of a politcal campaign cycle. You see it every campaign season as your mailbox is flooded with oversized political postcards,  each of them clearly communicating a position in an attempt to influence your vote. Why do they keep sending these year after year? Simple, they work. 

Why mail an oversized political direct mail or postcard?

Oversized postcards give you a ton of space to show your face and communicate your position. You want to stand out among all the other candidates so you need your mail piece to do the same! Don't get lost in a sea of opposition, go with nothing smaller than 5.5x8.5. Other common sizes are 6x11 and many even go BIG with a 8.5x11. 

What about voter data for election mailings?

Mail King USA can get you the best and freshest voter data available. No need to go hunting for a targeted mailing list for your political campaign, we have it covered.  To learn more about this, give us a call or simply check out our page on voter data mailing list. Commonly request selects include party affiliation, frequency of voting, donor status and target location by district or precinct. 

election postcard mailers

What about design for my political campaign postcard?

We can do it or if you have an in house design, no problem. Don't complicate your political postcard mailing with overly clever designs, the objective is to get your face and message out! An oversized postcard will give you plenty of space to both educate and persuade your voters, not to mention some left over space for your glorious photo or space for an emotionally compelling image. 

How much does a political campaign mailing postcard cost?

There are many factors that go into the cost of your political campaign mailing postcard such as quantity, frequency, list type, postage type, and the size of your postcard or mail piece.  Typically, the total cost per postcard will run about 30-60 cents each depending on a combination of those factors, with the biggest factor being the quantity you mail. There are great economies of scale with any printing you do and the same applies to your postcards. It is a lot easier to keep those printers running once they are setup and going. Give us a call to discuss your unique direct mail campaigns and their goals and we can work through the most cost effective approach.  

Setup Your Election Postcard Mailing Campaign Today

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political campaign postcard mailers

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