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Boost Your Real Estate Marketing with Direct Mail Postcards

Real Estate Post Cards Direct Mail | Printing & Mailing Provider

Grow your real estate business with direct mail postcard marketing services. You are on this site, so you probably already know, there are many benefits of postcard marketing for realtors. Mail King USA provides realtors with end to end postcard mailing services from design to delivery. ► Have your postcards in the mail under 1 week!

Why Choose Post Card Marketing For Your Real Estate Business?real estate post card marketing

  • Effectively farm your area and get more listings with postcards!
  • Get more clients in a given neighborhood where you already have listings
  • Increase average sale by working with better clients
  • Get more referrals from postcards
  • Brand your name and build trust 
  • Establish yourself as the real estate expert

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Best Types of Postcard Mailings for Realtors To Get Listings & Buyers

  • real estate post cards to get listingsTargeted Consumer Real Estate Mailings To Get Listings & Buyers

    • Here you can leverage all the data that is available in order to mail only the best and most ideal "clients-to-be". Filter by age, income, home owners, marital status, length of residence, home sqft, net worth, home equity, age of home, rental property owners, credit scores, hobbies and much more.
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Real Estate Postcards To Get Listings

    • Saturate carrier routes in the best neighborhoods on a regular basis and spend less than other mail types.
  • Loyalty Postcard Mailings (Database) To Get Listings

    • Keep in touch with your growing list of past clients on a regular basis and keep them coming back again and again. Get more referrals. Insulareal estate postcards to get listingste them from the competition!
  • Just SOLD Real Estate Postcards To Get Listings

    • Hit your farm areas every time you sell a home so they are reminded that you are the local expert and the go-to choice for their listing agent. Be sure to highlight how fast you sold it and how much over asking you got if these are favorable.
  • Just LISTED Real Estate Postcards To Get Buyers

    • Hit the surrounding homes to help find buyers quick. People LOVE to pick their neighbors. Also, hit your farm area so they see your beautiful face again and know who to call when it is time to list their home. 
  • Open House Real Estate Postcards to Get Buyersreal estate postcards mailing

    • Open house postcards are a great way to promote an upcoming open house and drive traffic to the event. These postcards should include the date, time, and location of the open house, as well as some details about the property. This can be a great way to generate interest in a property and potentially find a buyer.
  • Real Estate Agent Referral Postcards 

    • Referral postcards for real estate agents are a great way to encourage your current clients to refer their friends and family to you. These postcards should increal estate postcards referral mailinglude a message thanking your client for their business and encouraging them to refer others to you. You can offer a referral reward, such as a gift card or discount on your services, to incentivize your clients to refer others to you.
  • Holiday Greeting Postcards For Real Estate Agents

    • Seasonal/holiday postcards can be a great way to stay top of mind with potential buyers or sellers. These postcards can be customized for various holidays or seasons, such as Christmas, Halloween, back to school, or summer. This can be a great way to make a personal connection with potential buyers or sellers and build rapport with them.

Get Real Estate Post Card Quotes

just listed sold real estate postcard quotesBest Real Estate Direct Mail Post Card Offers & Ideas

  • FREE market evaluation
  • FREE home warranty with the salereal estate post cards marketing
  • Highlight active listings, offer private showings
  • Give tips on how to add home value
  • Offer FREE professional home staging with your listing
  • Offer to include a drone video
  • Offer to include a 3D video tour of their home
  • Offer additional online search presence through paid options.
  • FREE professional photography with your listing
  • FREE house cleaning during your listing
  • FREE relocation services / movers with the sale
  • Offer them unparalleled service and access to your team throughout the process.
  • Offer a credit for home improvements
  • Offer to connect them to your valuable network or financial, tax, legal advisors
  • Offer a reduced commission
  • Highlight your "Just SOLD" & Promote your "Just Listed!" 
  • Send them something they will keep up and visible that also has your picture and contact info on it, like a calendar or local emergency contact phone number list.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY offer them YOU! Stay sharp, keep up to date on trends, laws and market changes. When you get the lead, show up prepared, dressed for success, and ready to close the relationship.

10 Real Estate Postcard Marketing Ideas & Tips

Real Estate Postcards Should Focus On Your Target Market

real estate postcard mailingDefine your audience by identifying who your ideal client is and what they need from you as their real estate agent.

Real Estate Postcard Mailings Should Use High-quality Images

Use high-quality images that showcase the best features of the property you are promoting.

Real Estate Postcards Should Highlight Unique Property Features

Highlight unique features that make the property stand out, such as a stunning view or a newly renovated kitchen.

Real Estate Postcard Mailers Should Use Attention-grabbing Headlines

Use an attention-grabbing headline that captures the post card reader’s attention and entices them to read more. Maybe this is a new high sale price in an area, a statistic on the real estate postcard mailingrecent rise in value in the area, or how fast a home sold once listed.

Real Estate Postcards Should Use Bullet Points

Use bullet points on your postcards to break up the text and make it easier for the reader to skim and absorb the information. Home buyers like picutres and quick informaiton they can act on.

Real Estate Postcard Mailings Should Include A Call-to-action

Include a call-to-action on your postcard that encourages the reader to take the next step, such as visiting your website, scheduling a showing, or calling you to claim their free lunch meeting or free home value report you offered.

real estate post cardsReal Estate Postcards Should Personalize Your Message

Personalize your post card message by addressing the recipient by name and including information that is relevant to their specific needs and interests. You can get this targeted information from a good mailing list or from attritibutes you already know about a neighborhood or in house mailing list.

Real Estate Postcard Mailers Should Use An Easy-to-read Font

This should be obvious but you would be suprised. Do everyone a favor and choose a clear, easy-to-read font that is legible at a distance and does not require the reader to strain their eyes to read. This is especially true if you are marketing to an older demographic looking for listings or even buyers.

Real Estate Postcards Should Include Your Contact Information

Brand yourself with more than just a name and phone number. Sure, include your contact information, such as your phone number, email address, and website, so that the recipient can easily reach you but also include a nice picture of you. Depending on your brand, this may be you smiling or with a look that says "I'm all business" ; - )

Track Results Of Your Real Estate Post Card Marketing Campaign

Tracking your marketing can be hard but you need to do it. If you are sending postcards to a farm area to get listings, then this is as simple as making a note. However, if you do a radius mailing around a listing in order to get buyers you might want to ask people how they heard about the home. Often people will catch wind of a real estate listing in a couple of ways so you may have to dig a little. The listing post card may have just played a part inthe process. 

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Real Estate Postcard Marketing FAQ

Why Should I Outsource My Real Estate Direct Mail Postcard Marketing?

Simple, your time is better spent, and more valuable, elswhere. Let the your real estate mailing service do what they do and you focus on your HIPA's (Highest Income Producing Activities). In real estate this is means building relationships to get listings. We print and mail the invitations to your party, and you host it. Go grab the appetizers and beverages and get ready invest in some people. Attend your local mixers, join a club, got to your PTA meetings, attend your kids sporting events, talk to your neighbors, knock on doors, go to church, do anyhing!, but don't sit around the office stuffing envelopes (or have your kids do it) : - ) !

How Can I Improve The Copy of RealEstate Letter Mailings Or Real Estate Postcard Mailers?

KISS never gets old. Keep It Simple Stupid. You have only a few second to grab attention. Then a few second to deliver your message. Keep it simple. Show them your face. Tell them why you are great. Offer them value. Teach them something. Trends, laws, ways to add value, dos and donts, and things like that will make your real estate postcard valuable and that means longevity on the shelf and top of mind awareness.

What Is Your Most Popular Real Estate Post Card Mail Piece?

The tried and true Just Sold cards and Just Listed cards work. Pick your farm areas and work them. Send market updates as well or locally focused information to keep your face in front of them. Another idea is to do a postcard magnet with your information along with a calendar or list of emergency contact information. Give us a call to talk ideas.

Is Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Effective In Real Estate?

Yes. Many studies have been done on this. Put your picture and name in front of people on a regular basis and they will believe YOU are the industry expert, that YOU are one of the top performers. Real estate postcards create top of mind awareness that gets you credibility that translates into more listings, sales, and referrals.

Get Started Sending Postcard Mailers

At Mail King USA we make direct mail post card marketing for realtors easy. From the design, to the targeted mailing list, to the print and mailing we can handle it all for you so you can focus on what you do best.

Give us a call today or submit a contact form and we will be in touch with you to schedule a call to discuss your specific business goals.



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