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New & Used Car Buyers Mailing List

new used car buyer mailing listDo you want to reach people who have recently purhcased a new or used car?

A car buyers mailing list like this may be a good idea!

Here's why:

  • New and used car buyers will spend more on car maintenance.
  • New and used car buyers will spend more to keep their car shining with regular car washes!
  • New and used car buyers will spend more money on auto detailing services.
  • New and used car buyers will spend more on necessary auto repairs to keep their purchases running in top shape.
  • New and used car buyers will spend money on automotive accessories.
  • New and used car buyers will spend money on after market upgrades like new tires, wheels, racks, trailers, shells, mats, sound sytems, DVD players, and much more.

New and used car buyer data is available for you to use to target your best customers with direct mail marketing. Whether you own a car wash, auto detailing center, sell car accessories, or offer repairs and maintenance, reaching new buyers on a regular basis with a direct mail campaign is a sure way to boost your sales and gain new customers.

Want to reach these new and used car buyers by email?

Email data is also available for this targeted demo. We can take your targeted mailing list above and run a matching process to find emails for the people that come up. You can then own those emails and send them offers as often as you like. Contact us today to find out more about how to get email data for new and used car buyers.

Buy a new or used car buyers mailing list

Contact Mail King USA today to get started with your new or used car buyer direct mail campaign!

Reach us directly at (916) 296-0545


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